Victoria’s Challenge is Out Now in Audiobook

Victoria’s Challenge is out now in audiobook with nearly 15 hours of listening joy.


Download here:
iTunes (coming soon)

10 thoughts on “Victoria’s Challenge is Out Now in Audiobook”

  1. Hooray! Just got my Audible copy of Victoria’s Challenge and you can bet I’ll post my happiness. I see it’s got the same crew of M/F narrators – love having both for MKE books. Thanks, M.K.! Sending happy writing vibes your way and I’m hoping Jen’s whispering her story to you…..

    1. Yay! So glad you got your copy of Victoria’s Challenge. And Jen is more than whispering, she is downright yelling at me at the moment! LOL

  2. I’m excited to hear this! Do you know when it will be available with the whispersync feature? I love being able to flip back and forth between reading and listening.

    Also, hate to be the broken record but any update on Treyvon?

    1. Hi Holly Amazon decides if it will offer Whispersync and I have no control over it unfortunately. No word yet on Treyvon. LOL I sound like a broken record when I say “soon” but it is true. 🙂

  3. I read Cassandra’s Challenge on kindle, and it was good, but when I got it on audible, OMG!!! It was fantastic MK, I am thankful for your gift that keeps on giving. Trust me I know Jen is yelling at you, I can just imagine take your time with her because there is a lot there in her character, still waiting patiently…..Luv Cat

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