Victoria’s Challenge audiobook is coming soon


I am thrilled to share that Victoria’s Challenge will be out soon in audiobook. I will keep you posted on its arrival date.

13 thoughts on “Victoria’s Challenge audiobook is coming soon”

  1. I have just re-read Grim. I know I have read the rest of the series, but I do not remember if there was a storyline conclusion for Callen and Rebecca. Am I missing a book?

  2. Can’t wait for this one. Their story I’m anticipating to be a very special loving and erotic kind of love. They’ve known each other for so long and her Auntie is the queen of the House of Knowledge, and she is a Doctor at her young age of 19, I believe.

  3. I have listened to your other audiobooks so many times! I am awaiting the release of Victoria’s Challenge with great anticipation!

    I love the different voicing and sound effects in prior books. Keep the quality in your audiobooks it is greatly appreciated.

  4. I love your series and I have all your books in audible and nook versions. When do we get Barak’s and Amina’s story?

  5. I love audio books, especially ones with different people doing the voices. Unfortunately, I don’t think Victoria ‘s voice fits her. It doesn’t fit Cassandra either. I don’t mean to sound petty, but….,well you want the book to flow. Not become irritating.

    1. Choosing the right narrators is definitely a tough gig and I’m sorry they are not how you imagined them. I take everyone’s feedback into consideration and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Thank you <3.

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