Update on Jacinda’s Challenge and life

Jacindas ChallengeWriting on Jacinda’s Challenge, Book 3 in the Imperial series, is going well, never as well as I like but still, 70K words and picking up momentum. I think you will really like Jacinda and Jotham as they find love the second time around.

As for what’s next with my audio books, I will be double checking with my narrator to see if we are still a go for him to start Wray in late May and then hope to secure him to do Ynyr right after. Thank you so much for embracing Grim on audio. I have been kind of surprised at how many of you love audio and will do all I can to get more books out to you on audio.

Did you hear about my recent mishap on the stairs at home? Yes I managed to miss the last step going down our stairs and spent the day sitting down with my ankle up and iced. I’m fine- it just shows you shouldn’t try to read on your kindle and go dow stairs at the same time. Does anyone else do this? I hope I’m not the only one but I don’t think so right? 🙂

Well, it is finally getting warmer. I got sunburned on the deck the other day watching baseball. I’m ready for summer.

4 thoughts on “Update on Jacinda’s Challenge and life”

  1. I have read and reread and reread all three books like 10 times!! Thank God the are on my Kindle since if I hade them in book form they would have fallen to pieces by now!!

    Are you continuing the series?? Please say you are!! Barely needs a story and so does so May characters!! I’m obsessed with the series!!

    Thank you so much for providing such wonderful and captivating series. Yes, I have all your other books and you are by far one of my favorite authors.

    And btw I thought my name was Grace til I started school!! I usually walked into walls and tripped over air though.

  2. Hi I ha e read all the books in the Tornians and Kalizian and cannot wait for the next books.
    Will there be a continuance from Ynr? If so when can I buy?
    Do you plan another after Jacinda challenge?
    Seen an inkling about Treyvon when can I buy it?

    1. There are more books coming in the Tornians, Kaliszians and Imperial series. Jacinda’s Challenge is out now in audiobook and Treyvon will be coming out in ebook and paperback in late January 2017.

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