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Treyvon, Kaliszians Book 2

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General Treyvon Rayner is the Supreme Commander of the Kaliszian Defenses. He is the cousin and trusted friend of the Kaliszian Emperor, Emperor Liron Kalinin, in spite of Treyvon’s ancestor being one of the causes of the Great Infection so many centuries ago. It is never far from Treyvon’s mind, and he vowed he’d spend his entire life trying to make things right.
Chef Jennifer Neibaur dreamed of traveling to exotic places, of experiencing different cuisines, and learning how to prepare them. Her dream came true, but at a high price. She lost her sister. Her husband died. And she was severely injured. All that was enough for her to welcome death. But for a chef to end up in a place where food was just sustenance, and never something enjoyed, was the ultimate punishment.
Two strong, honorable people are both trying to find forgiveness and redeem themselves for things that were out of their control. Neither is looking for love. But if they can accept it, the forgiveness they find might be for more than just themselves.

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      1. I’m curious to know when Callen and Rebecca will get their book. And surely lady Isis’ oldest son will have a book right? This is my favorite series I’ve read in a while. I love watching the Tornians get brought down a peg or two.

        1. Hi five on that! Those Tornian males are so full of themselves. I love it! I listen to Grimm and Wray often, audiobook lover here, but I did purchase the ebook got Oryon and and Ynyr. Love his name by the way. I’m just twiddling my thumbs waiting the four the next Tornian book. Now about Treyvon, can he get any sexier!

      2. I cannot find Trayvon on Amazon. I bought Nikhil and it said that it was the first of the Kaliszian series. Can you tell me if Nikhil or Trayvon is first and how I can get Trayvon?

        1. That is a very good question I just finished Nikhil Kaliszian book1. Now I see Treyvon is the first book. So which one is it. That’s rather misleading because I like to read the first book first. When will Nikhil book2 come out…. please write a lot faster thank you

          1. Initially Treyvon was going to be Book 1 but it changed and Nikhil became Book 1. Treyvon is Book 2 and I am writing it at the moment.

        2. That is a very good question I just finished Nikhil Kaliszian book1. Now I see Treyvon is the first book. So which one is it. That’s rather misleading because I like to read the first book first. When will Nikhil book2 come out…. please write a lot faster thank you

          1. Hi Charlotte, the answer to the confusion is Treyvon was originally supposed to be the first in the Kaliszian series and then I found myself writing Nikhil. I thought I had gotten the original post corrected. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

      3. I was wondering where I could find Treyvon the book?
        I just finished the whole series and this is the only one I could not find.

    1. Love your books, style, characters, plots. ..yeah well as far as I’m concerned, you are the BOMB! Can hardly wait for the next story in all your series. I got your latest Kaliszian book and WOW! I had to read it all at once. Couldn’t put it down. I may go into shock before you get the next one out. I’ll have to re-read the others…..especially that hottie Grimm’s story. Mmmmmmm yummy!

    2. OMG! I have been waiting so long for this book to come out!. The first chapter alone was gripping, and I can tell it’s going to be just as good as the previous ones, and worth the wait! Thank you, MK Eidem.

        1. hi i just signed up for the newsletter,will i be able to get january so i can read the first chapter of treyvon,please

  1. I can not tell you how excited I am that your next book is coming out! I check your site every couple of weeks just hoping. Wonderful characters and worlds , love all the series you have so far. Yay Treyvon and what ever you write about next!

  2. I love your books, they are amazing. I had read over and over again all of them.
    I’m so excited for your next book. January is too far. LOL

  3. I am soooo excited. Your books are awesome. Since I have been on bed rest from my triplet pregnancy your books have kept me from being bored?

    1. Triplets!! Really?!! How exciting!! I hope everything goes well and would love for you to keep in touch although I know how busy you are going to be?
      I’m glad my stories help pass the time.
      Take care,

  4. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you at RomCon last weekend. I am even more excited about the upcoming books after meeting you in person!

  5. I love your books, just recently started to read them.
    Was wondering if we would get the pleasure to read Rebekah and callen story.

      1. I just finished reading Ynyr for probably the fifth or sixth time and came here to check if there’ll be an Ull’s story, finding out that he’s next in line has me doing my happy little dance!Thank you soooo much! xxx

  6. I had to make a comment and I am so looking forward to your release of the new series as well as Ull’s, Callen’s and the rest of the characters stories. I appreciate all your effort and skill – WRITE FASTER! Just kidding but I do enjoy your books. La Trice

  7. hi, I live in Australia and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books and I am looking forward to the next adventure with the new series, but could you advise if you are doing Barek and Amina story for the imperial series? ?

  8. I absolutely love your books. I keep re-reading the tornians series and am excited for this new series. Just love the story line and characters. Can’t wait for Ull, excited to get to know him. I really should be cleaning, but I can’t help but read them again and again.

  9. I have never been happier than when I stumbled upon Grim while looking for a new author. I have loved all of your books to date, your style of writing is beautiful and the worlds you take me to with each new book are awe inspiring. Thank you!

  10. Hi Michelle
    Just had to write and say how much members of my family have loved your Tornian series – we’ve read and listened to them several times. We can’t wait until your next book comes out, seems a long time til January! We thought the Imperial series was excellent too – are you planning on writing another one soon? We love the audio versions, they really bring the books to life. Are the rest of the Tornian books coming out on audible and any chance of the Imperial series as well? Sorry loads of questions, but these are some of the best books I’ve read. I love the humour!
    Love from me, Nicky and Holly over here in the UK

    1. Hi Jane, Nicky and Holly! I thrilled you like my books!
      To answer your questions.
      Yes there will be several more books in the Imperial Series, no dates yet.
      Yes, there will be more audio, Ynyr is in the works then I am planning on Oryon.
      As for the Imperial Series, I’m looking into it but as they are so long I’m not sure of the guidelines. I will keep everyone posted.
      I always love questions and will answer them when I can(without giving anything away, of course?)
      Have a great day!!!!

      1. Hi Michelle

        Thank you for your quick response – I will pass on your answers to the girls. So pleased you will be writing several more books we will look forward to each one. I will save my audible credit for Ynyr – excellent. I hope they will use the same narrators. The way he does Grim’s voice is exactly how I imagine it in my head when I am reading the book!

        Thanks again

        Love from us in the UK

  11. I am absolutely, completely, excited about this new book! I was hoping you were going to do him when you introduced him in Wray’s and Kim’s story! I can’t wait to see how he does because I know from read Wray that Kim’s word got to him! I just can’t wait I love all them! I hope I get to read more soon!

  12. I just wanted to say that I love your books, and have been really impressed by the rapid improvement in editing, THANK YOU!!! I also eagerly await any new books from you, however I am willing to wait. The last 2 tornian books have been rather predictable as far as an arrogant male, and in my opinion demanding somewhat bratty female. There hasn’t seemed to be a lot of leeway given by either partner for the adjustment that both are experiencing and they both seem to have forgotten what they have learned at every turn where conflict could arise. I am hoping for more mature characters moving forward as well as for the Tornians to quit assuming that every male is honorable, because obviously they aren’t all good guys. I loved Jacinda’s challenge both Jacinda and Jotham communicated well with each other and acted like adults who were willingly committing to each other.
    I guess my point is that the stories that we your fans rush you on have seemed a bit rushed. You are such an amaizing writer and story teller that although I’d love a new release every month I would rather give you the time to work your magic and write more incredible stories.

  13. Hi Michelle , love all your books,have read them all more than once. I was wondering if you were going to write a story with Stephanie and Nicholas from the imperial series . Thank you for all the hours of entertainment

  14. I know that many people on here are anxiously awaiting Ull’s story, but I have to say that he is the one non “bad-guy” character that I don’t really like. It’s going to take some fancy writing to get me to like him at this point as I have lost any sympathy I had for him in Ynyr’s story. Now, their brother Van, that is a Torian I could love to read about!

  15. Ms. Eidem, Thank You for writing the very Interesting Tornian series. Also, Please, please keep in mind those of us fans that actually prefer holding paperbacks books as we enjoy our reading experiences. T.Y.

    1. T.Y.
      All my books, with the exception of Victoria’s Challenge and A Grim Holiday, are now available in paperback. I am working on Victoria but as Holiday is so short it isn’t feasible to market, you the fan would have to overpay just to cover the minimum the printer requires.

  16. Thank you for all your hard work. Your books are so great I love them.

    I cant wait to see what you do next.
    It is lovely how with each book you as an author grow.

    Hope you have fun writing as much as I do reading

  17. I hope there will be a book for Tora. And he can pursue Carly. Of course even if he’s the future Emperor its still Grim he need to ask for Carly’s hand.
    Oh my God, I’m so excited!!!!

  18. I just have to ask is treyvon’s mate kim’so sister. I really hope to read a story about her surviving her kidnapping and finding her TRUE love. (I know she had a husband but who knows things always happen.) I guess I’m just hoping for a reunion. Really excited for treyvon’s book though. ???

  19. Hi, I to am very excited and anxiously awaiting your next release. I stumbled upon Grimm audio book and it was fantastic. I immediately downloaded all the others. Keep writing 🙂

  20. Thank you for sharing you wonderful stories and characters. I have thoroughly enjoyed all you books. You are one of my favorite authors. I look forward to your next creation.

  21. Hi, i am a huge fan from the UK.
    Your books are my go-to when i cant think of anything to read, as they are my favorite. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-read them.
    I just wanted to know how many books do you see in the Imperial series? And how many add on series do you think?

    Keep writing as you always have and as fast as you can as well please as soooooo cant wait for the nxt 1 XxXxX

    1. Hi Reta, I’m glad you like my books and I hope the weather is better there than in South Dakota right now?
      As for your question about the Imperial Series. There will be at least 2 more with the possibility of one branch of series.
      Its still rumbling around in my head.
      I will try to write faster but no promises?

  22. I am a fan of your Tornians series. I have read them all over and over. I love how the books are all intertwined and we get to continue reading about beloved characters. The audible versions are very enjoyable and far superior to other audio books i have purchased.

    I am very impatiently awaiting the next installments, but I am sure it will be worth the wait.

    Thank you for such an enjoyable series.

  23. Luv your books but curious about Kim sister and wondering if she survive or not. Can’t wait to read your story on Callen and Rebecca . Luv your work

  24. Love your books. They helped me through my hospital bed rest during my triplet pregnancy. By the way they were born Nov 3,2015 baby a 3 lb 15 oz Baby b 3 lbs 2 oz and baby c 4 lbs even born at 31 weeks and 5 days.

    Thanks for keeping me from going crazy

    P.S. they are all healthy
    Can’t wait until next book.. please keep writing you are very talented

    1. I’m so glad to hear they and you are doing well! You’re going to have a very busy and exciting Christmas! I’ll keep you informed when the next book is ready.

  25. will Trevon be available for pre-order soon? I love both series of books but I think the Imperial series is my favorite. Your characters are so well developed, and I love the sense of family love and respect for each other but mostly my fellow humans are not cowards. They Stand.

    1. Thanks Lori. It will be out for preorder but I’m not sure when yet. After the Holiday’s for sure. There will be more in the Imperial series also.

  26. Will any of the new book slated for 2016 be available on audiable. I am so hooked on the tornians series but on audiable lol ? I love listening to the story’s while I multitask

    1. Oryon is in the works Daisy and I’m hoping for a January release date. Then I will begin on the Imperial Series for Audible.

  27. So it is officially January 2016 and I thought I’d pop in and ask about an update on your expected releases this coming year. Also are you by any chance going to SE Smith’s WRIR this month? If so I look forward to seeing you there. If not I will just hope you had a nice time over the holidays and that the book muses are helping you write more for us to read. Happy 2016!

  28. While I thoroughly LOVE each book you have put out to date, please don’t let us push you into writing too quickly and thus diminishing your wonderful stories.

    Currently you take the time to tell the whole story including some of the extra info that make your stories fuller and more well rounded, don’t let us change that. While I am waiting for the next book to come out I have been known to reread all of your books again. When trying to decide a favorite I lean towards Cassandra’s Challenge with Grim an almost equal second but the beautiful love story you gave us with Jacinda’s Challenge is fighting for equal billing in my favorites list.

    Keep up the great work and don’t permit us to push you too hard.

  29. Will this book be released this month I have been waiting impatiently for this book so far I have read and reread and reread the tornian books. I love the creativity behind each book and the struggles each character had to surpass to get to the point where they can find their happiness

    1. I am looking at a late January or February release, Karla. I was hoping to be done but the characters are still talking to me and I must listen to them. As soon as I have a release date, I will announce it here and on FB and Twitter so you won’t miss out.

    1. Hi Tessa! I am looking at a late January or February release. As soon as I have a release date, I will announce it here and on FB and Twitter so you won’t miss out.

  30. OK, I absolutely love your books, with being Grim my favorite. Do you have any ideal when the next book will be released.

    1. My next release is Treyvon which is the first book in the Kaliszians series. The Kaliszians is linked to the Tornian series. Treyvon will be out real soon.

          1. Do you know when Treyvon will be available on Audiable or when is the next title to be released on audiable.. I love all your books. Please say soon like this month. Lol?☺️

  31. I love Tora!!!<3 Can't wait for his love story! And
    Thank you so much for your Amazing books! Your my favorite author !!<3

  32. ? When oh when will my Treyvon be out? Where oh where can he be?!? ?. Is he stuck in editing or lost amongst beta readers, OHHHHH, Please bring on my Treyvon to me.

    Can you hear me crooning?

  33. I am very excited about the up coming books. Like many of the other fans, I check out your page to see if something new is on its way.
    1 comment from the peanut gallery….
    I am eager to read anything you write… but Ull needs a great lady. My 2 cents, sees her a southern charm with a boot knife. A girl that adores the outdoors, nature, and hunting but in a ladylike package. His home is the hunting planet. I wonder how he would handle a sweet thing that can out track him?
    I think he’ll be a fabulous fella when he realizes that his goddess’ choice and timing is better than his imagination.

  34. I love your books. I stumbled upon Grim and fell in love with your writing. I can actually get lost in your stories. The characters are so believable. Thank you for your time and attention to your writing. It is very hard for me to find writers that I can truly enjoy and believe. So thank you!!

  35. I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for being impatient. And am so glad that you are able to understand people like me.

    On the flip side, when I read the blog, I can’t figure out how you are going to bring Kimmy´s sister back? Kimmy was with the G’s for 6 weeks or so and she was hurt so badly. What’s her sister going to be like?

    Yes folks, this is where my anxiety comes from. Hopefully, she fell out of the spaceship and landed on Pontus and found a nice cave and food.
    OR MAYBE, it’s not Kim’s sister at all. I have many, many “or maybe’s” running through my head.

    I really enjoy your audio books and listen to them TOO often.
    Thanks for your hard work!
    It’s very much appreciated by all of your #1 fans!

    1. Hi Ree,
      Kimmy wasn’t with the Ganglians for 6 weeks. According to their calculations she was with them for about 2 weeks (14 to 15 days). Little more than 10 days as she remembers only the first 10 days because the ganglian was breaking one finger each time he raped her. After that she stopped counting due to the intense pain she was feeling and the cold. But it weren’t that many more days.
      I think her sister can survive if the spaceship crashed down in a planet shortly after they were in the Kalizian space and there were enough food to stay alive until help arrived. Well, that is my way of thinking.
      I totally agree with Heather that Ull needs an amazing woman by his side. Maybe then he will understand Ynyr better.

      1. Sorry MK Eidem, forgot to tell you thank you for this amazing stories. I’m hook on them and have read them (and still read them) countless times. Both series: the Tornian and the challenges ones. Looking forward to the Kalizians ✌️???

  36. I just want to say, to quit pushing people. The book will be out when it’s perfect. If you’re like me you already own everything she has ever written and have read all of them multiple times. I love all of them and can’t wait for more. I don’t want her to feel like she has to rush anything. She gave us a tentative approximate date of January, but people we all know that life happens to everyone and she would never publish a book she didn’t feel was done. Even if we have to wait months more we all know it will be well worth the wait. I have no doubt she already has enough pressure in her life without any of us adding to it. Please be supportive, I doubt any of us want her books out more than she does. I have no doubt she would also be the first to let us know the release dates of her books as soon as she knows, it’s not like she would hide it from us. Patience people please.

    I just want to thank M.K for sharing her worlds with us I love all of them, and I hope you have an awesome day.

    1. I totally agree that while waiting for your favorite authors books is hard, i rather have a perfect book than a rushed one, and pushing for a release date is useless.
      However, I do think that a status update once (or twice) a month would be very much apriciated. Something like “hi all, Im still writing, have about … chapters to go.” or “YAY! The book is at the editor”, or even things like “our heroine is having a bad case of pms and doesn’t want to cooperate. Ill keep working on it” or “My muse decided to take a vacation, her replacement wants me to work on a different story. Ill let you know how its going.”
      I think it makes waiting less hard if we know whats going on. at least for me, it would make me stop checking the website twice a day waiting for an update.

      That being said. I love all of mk’s books and am thrilled for the next release. Please keep up the good work. I think I’ll go and re-read grim for the twentieth time 😉

      Ps. Sorry for the bad English. I’m not a native speaker.

      1. Sometimes I get so caught up in the story I forget to take a breath and let you all know what I am up to. I promise to give more updates.

  37. LoL with ‘Bookhound (1-22-16)’. Thank you for the levity. To me: Ms. Eidem is an Excellent author which makes it difficult to wait patiently for her muse (among other variables) to tell a character’s tale.

  38. Hi Michelle,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your books. Grim’s book has got to be my all time favorite romance book ever! I’ve read it several times, which seems to be quite the norm based on the comments I’ve seen here 🙂

    I have one teensy-tiny request: PRETTY PLEASE include in one of your books [or a separate short novella] the birth of Grim’s baby daughter.

    Very patiently waiting for Treyvon 🙂

  39. You have become my favorite author. Your books are amazing. I have read each one at least four times I can’t wait for the next one to be released. Like most people, I live a very stressful life so when I come home and I can disappear into one of your books it’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

  40. I am personally happy there will be TWO books coming out – like most fans I’ve read and re- read multiple times all of your books and enjoy each and everyone of them. I am just counting down the days till the first of the series is released.

  41. Aloha Ms. Eidem,
    Thank you so much for your delightful books. I have enjoyed immensely reading about your vibrant characters. I wait impatiently with baited breath for many more of these wonderful stories about love and hope. You writing style is addicting and your characters are very lovable. I enjoy reading about strong female characters who win the hearts and minds of their partners through love, passion and courage. Your stories have brightened my days and lighten my stress levels by allowing me to escape reality and enjoy the world of the Tornians. Bravo! And please may we have another and another and another… Loving it all in Hawaii Nei!

    1. Aloha Arisa! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m going to confess that Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations and that my sister is there right now on vaca. I’m so jealous!
      Have a wonderful day!

      1. Ms. Eidem,
        I’m happy to hear your sister is enjoying her visit to Hawaii. We definitely encourage you to visit often. Would you ever consider doing a meet and greet with your fans here in Hawaii while on vacation here!? It would allow you to write off your entire vacation to Hawaii (tax write off) and make Barnes and Noble bookstore or someplace like that very busy for a day. Maybe you could make it a day on Maui/Kauai, a day on the big island and then end with a day on Oahu meeting your cadre of fans in Hawaii. We would love to have an opportunity to hear you talk about your wonderful books in person. Please think about the little people in Hawaii!! (LOL!)
        Mahalo Nui!
        Thank you!

  42. M. Eidem,
    I am currently reading Nikhil and I love it. I plan to finish tonight. I cannot put it down. I hope that we will see Treyvon’s story soon. Hopefully before Summer. I was so excited for it, then you changed books and I was a little depressed. However, as I read Nikhil I understand why. I just hope I don’t have to wait to long for Treyvon’s story.

  43. You have a wonderful gift for story telling. I am anxiously waiting for ANYTHING that you will do. Thanks for sharing the worlds you created.

  44. I just wondered if the females will ever reflect the diversity we have here on Earth or just stick to one ethnicity as it has been so far . I love love love the books I just enjoy reading books that have a diverse cast …

    I want Vali to have a book ! I like the strong silent type lol

    1. When I read this post I thought “No diversity? What is Niko talking about? I thought Rebecca was African American and Mac had Native American heritage.” So I went back over the books. I finally found a line that said Rebecca was blond but for some reason I picture her looking a lot like Cam from the series Bones. Maybe its her intelligence and take no nonsense attitude.

      The description for Mac looks exactly like my friend from Oklahoma who is a member of the Kiowa nation. And Mac’s job as a mountain guide on her land is the same as a family I knew from Washington who were Nisqually.

      I guess that no matter what people actually write, sometimes we readers overlay our own thoughts and experiences on top of it.

  45. I love reading your books over and over. I was reading Grim again recently and I started to wonder if you have Carly and Miki’s guys already picked out. Because I’ve been thinking that Miki HAS to have a guy with blue skin. I’ve also been thinking that Carly and Gahan would be super cute together. Plus, it would be one in the eye for those prejudice Tonrnians who look down on him and his family because he isn’t a warrior and his mom is Auyangian.

  46. I really enjoy reading the book series you have put out. I was just wondering when will treyvon be out? Me and your other fans would really like to know.

  47. I have read and re read your books. I seem to find details I missed the first time round. Wondering how Jen and Kim will be reunited. Can’t wait, eta? Finally, your books are wonderful thank you.

  48. M.k.

    I love, love, love the Torians! It’s so easy to get lost in your stories. I like your other fans ‘re-read’ them again and again. Grimm is my favorite, but Wray and Ynar are tied for second. I love Oryn’s quiet solid strength. I imagine Vali is like him. Love Ynar’s castle. I could go on and on.

    I like the Kalizan’s too. You’ve hooked me.

    I can’t wait for more secrets to be revealed in the Torian Empire.

    Have you considered sending a female fighter to the Torians? Could be really entertaining.


    1. I would love to read that, can you imagine the big tuff males trying to deal with a female capable of putting them on their butts ?

  49. I love all your books. Any update to Trevon’s release date? Last was January 2016, I have been searching almost daily. Hope it will be soon. Thx for all your great stories.

    1. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. I don’t know if I have offended you and if I have i am very sorry. I don’t quite understand the comment below the date. I have always love your books and continue to reread them every chance I get, which is probably over 20 times now. I will wait forever for any of your books. You are a great author,and brings my imagination alive with your vivid worlds that you create. I have to tell you I am a little jealous of your muse, I wish my mind could create such wonderful creations that you have done with your books. Take care, hope all is well.

  50. Hello Ms. Eidem, I love your stories! Grim, Wray, Oryon, Ynar…ect. I can’s wait until Treyvon comes out. I wanted to pre-order this book and noticed the release date shows 8/19/2015. I assume this is wrong and should be 2016? Is that correct?

    I can’t wait to see the sisters Jen and Kim to meet and realize that each are alive. Also, love the way you are working the story between the Kaliszians and Tornians. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  51. Hi MK,
    I was wondering how you are getting on with Treyvon, any sign of a release date yet?
    I’m pretty desperate!!!
    I would love another Tornian book too! I’m slightly obessed with the series and love just to sit and re-read them if I have a spare hour!!
    Vali and Korin are my faves, something about the quiet ones, with strong family ties too, love’em!!
    You keep writing and I’ll keep reading!
    You’re awesome.


  52. It is in the middle of July please when is treyvon going to be release. Live out of the city nothing to do but read books,waiting for the new book.

  53. It is in the middle of July please when is treyvon going to be release. Live out of the city nothing to do but read books,waiting for the new book.

  54. Is there an update on Trevon yet? I just finished reading everyone’s story’s again and am trying to wait patiently for Trevon… Not very successfully it would seem ?

  55. MK,

    Like many fans on this page I so enjoy reading your stories. I just reread the Challenge series and would love to hear more about Barek and Amina, the Zafarh children and how the combining of the houses are changing their world. This series has so many potential couples to tell stories about. The Torinians I am rereading as well. You have such a gift for story telling. Keep up the writing and I look forward to your next story no matter when it comes out!!

  56. Like the rest of your readers I am waiting with baited breath for Treyvon to be realised, and also Ull. I see by previous comments this is going to happen sometime this year. I admire your imagination and also envy it, as I couldn’t imagine my way out of a paper bag. So take your time with your writing. It’s better to wait for you to get it right in your head than to simply to put something together fast for the sake of us readers. I’m sure that the rest of your fans feel the same way.

  57. Hi again!!

    As always your books are FANTASTIC !!! Nikhil ??????????
    I always look forward to everything you write?

    However… I am wondering when you will be releasing Treyvon the book that I’m assuming is going to be book 2 in the Kalizian Series???

    Can u please give an update if this book is still in the muses hands or if it’s gone to be edited ?

    Love your work, you are very talented Ms Eidem???

  58. I buy books as series when you said that Treyvon would be out in January this year I bought Grim, Wray,Ynya, and Nikhil and the other in this series . But now it is the end of August and no Treyvon . I enjoyed the way you ended the other stories ,but you left Nikhil with an incomplete story.

  59. I too am looking forward to Treyjvons’ book with baited breath. Since I have discovered this series I have loved all the books.
    I did not like the end of Nihkils book though. I don’t like being left hanging.

  60. By any chance will print & audio of Treyvon be released at the same time. I actually listen to your books vs reading them. Right now I’m stuck on repeat with Grim & Nikhil. I also think that Lisa’s friend Rebecca & her guy would make a great story too (I forgot his name … Corium or something?) Teyvon in audio would make a great X-Mas gift (hint-hint)

    1. Hi Angel,
      Unfortunately, Treyvon audio won’t be done for Christmas but I am working on getting Jacinda’s Challenge done.
      Hope that helps.
      Happy Holidays!

      1. YAY !! Yes, that does help. ANY book of yours in audio is AWESOME. I love the sound effects. You can loose touch with reality if you’re not careful. So excited & can’t wait !! Happy Holidays to you as well !!

  61. General Treyvon’s story has been on an ‘Almost, or Soon’ release time-frame for apprxmntly 1 year. With Inuendos sported just enough to keep readers dangling.
    I, myself seeing yet another year teater by while ever waiting for the generals’ story, h a v e h a d e n o u g h.!. Miz Eidems stories are often “Remarkable”. Though now, I’ll be checking less often. Say every third or fourth month. Not days. There are plenty of alternatives. Have A Nice Day. T.G.


      1. I am sorry that you feel you have been strung along, Beverly. This has never been my intention and I don’t play those kind of games with my readers as I value you too much to do that. I had originally planned to release Treyvon first but as I was writing Treyvon, I knew I had to stop and tell Nikhil’s story first. So I released Nikhil and then had to go back to the very beginning with Treyvon. Along the way some pretty big life events happened for my family in 2016. There legitimately are times in life when things happen that we have no control over. That was 2016 for me. I am doing the best I can and that is all I can ask of myself. Thank you for reading my other stories and I wish you a happy 2017.

    2. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. I had originally planned to release Treyvon first but as I was writing Treyvon, I knew I had to stop and tell Nikhil’s story first. So I released Nikhil and then had to go back to the very beginning with Treyvon. Readers were understanding when I let them know there was a change to my schedule due to a number of family matters. I have not given a release date for Treyvon because I want to be certain when I do, it is a definite date. Wishing you all the best for a happy 2017.

  62. We all have problems and troubles in our lives that no one but ourselves know about. Take your time and write when you are ready. For those who are a little impatient please remember that we do not know what is going on in the life of someone else and we should always remember that each and everyone of us has problems, and the people who write the books we love are human like the rest of us and not just here to satisfy us. I love M. K. Eidem’s books and will still check each day for new ones, but as my mum would say ‘they will be finished when they are finished, and not before’. May you all have a happy and blessed 2017.

  63. You’re books are awesome and they are worth the wait. I could never do what you do, you have the ability to take the voices in your head and create stories I can read over and over again. My voices usually just get me into trouble. Enjoy your life and ignore the people that have no patience, remember good thing comes to those who wait. Your books are the good things I’m willing to wait for.

  64. I have a motto I live by “Life happens”. I know you’ll write when you can. I know I will get to read more of your books. Until then, I will reread the ones I have. They have seen me through many sleepless nights and hospital stays while I cared for my loved ones this past year. Family does come first. I can wait for the next book while you see to yours. Happy New Year!

  65. I will admit to inpatients, but I also understand that life can throw walls up that get in the way of doing things you want to do like writing. As a author and a new one at that you still have to work and have a family that need you and they come first. Unexpected events can come up and priorities have to be re evaluated. I’ll enjoy Treyvon all the more when it comes out. And I’ll do my multiple times a week check till that time then start over again while awaiting your next book ?

  66. Hi, Michelle.

    I noticed you haven’t had any books come out lately. Luckily, I can re-read the rest any time I want. Are you still going to be releasing it? Life happens and messes up our plans, I know. Hope you are doing well!!!

    1. Sorry! I just read the other messages! Take your time. I’d rather wait for a great story than read s rushed story. God bless you and yours with health, peace, and protection!

  67. Hello, Just like everyone else journeys through your worlds, I am impatient for the next story for the world I just travelled along with you. Be it Tornians, Kaliszians or the Imperial world. Others have said and I agree, “Life Happens” and if you put out another book or journey just to meet a deadline it would not be a journey I would want to travel along. Your Worlds are what they are because you take the time you need to make each journey how and what it needs and should be. If that means we wait a little longer than WE want, well we wait and take a journey that leaves us just wanting to travel with you again. That all being said, time line updates on the website or in a newsletter would be appreciated to perhaps help keep you creating a journey instead of having to address so many WHEN! WHEN! WHEN! inquiries. Thank you for your worlds and the journeys so far and for allowing us to travel along.

  68. Do you anticipate the releas by next month or will it be a bit father away. I have saved my crudités just to make sure I can get a copy once it’s released. On Audiable. Sending you a clear focus mind and speedy typing hands lol 🙂 thank you for all your wounderful books so far… your biggest fan ??

  69. Michelle –
    I join your other fans who have been awaiting Treyvon’s release with bated breath. I loved the first chapter and know what I will be doing with every spare minute on the 28th.

    I want to thank you for the 2016 releases of Nikhil, and audio releases of Oryon, Nikhil, Cassandra’s Challenge, Victoria’s Challenge and Jacinda’s Challenge. It helped make the time waiting for Treyvon more bearable.

    I’m thrilled to hear Ull is your next in Tornian story. It seemed right that it ought to come next.

    May your 2017 be prosperous personally and professionally. You know the second we get Treyvon we will be saying, “That was terrific, when do we get the next book! ”

    Love your writing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!


  70. Hi M.K. Eidem I signed up for your newsletter but I don’t get how I get the first chapter of Treyvon?

    How do I get it?



  71. As I have implied through numerous posted texts, Ms.Eidem is a ‘wonderful’ author. Her stories have provided countless hours of very enjoyable tales. My ‘Frustration’ stemmed from little or no actionable or “Updated” website updates. How often were ‘new release’ or ‘coming soon’ sections of the website updated?? That was my issue, was at heart my issue. Yes, Please take your time to write your enthralling storylines. However, Please prompt an editor or agent to post updates at reasonable (bimonthly?) Intervals. Thank You for this forum to share and discuss fan based topics. T.G.

    1. The updating (or lack of) is solely in my shoulders, Trisha. I’m sorry I didn’t keep you all better informed. I will try to do better in 2017.

  72. Omg loved it. Can’t wait for more. Ull’s story has me wondering. Oh the possibilities. Thank you for your amazing storytelling.

  73. What does Mac do the whole day – except for running off with Nikhil? It just seems that Jen would have gotten into less trouble and been less exhausted (feeding all those people !) if Mac was working with her on a regular basis or even greenhouse gardening !

    I was thinking, would people coming from one faith or none, immediately flip to another, the way all the earthers are doing? Noticed this in other writers’ books, too. Would be interesting if with so many different girls from all over earth residing among Tornians and Kaliszians, that their cultural behavior/faith other than just standard 20th century anglo-saxon gets integrated in future books. Like
    David & Leigh Eddings (Belgariad/Elenium)
    L.E.Modesitt (Imager)
    David Weber (Bahzel)
    Elizabeth Vaughan (Warlands/Palin)
    Ilona Andrews (Innkeeper)
    Jean Johnson (Sons of Destiny)
    do in their SFRs. Everyone can’t conveniently be heathens !

    The editing of the last two books is much better (except for the !?) than the first five. Maybe they can be re-edited?

  74. As usual I loved it and now want the next one. Well I want the next one in all of your series. Thanks for another great book! Keep us posted on then next and may it be really soon!

  75. I went back and reread the whole series starting with grim again and one thing popped out is the goddess going to bless Isis with another child as the book suggests if so how about twin girls!!!! Won’t that put the cat among the pigeons with O r y o n and the boys panicking evil laugh

  76. Ms. Eidem, I want to thank you for your fantastic stories. When life get in my way and runs me into the ground, I know I can pick up one of your books and leave the mess behind. Thank you for the alternate life you have given me. So much better than … “Calgon, take me away.”

  77. OMG!!! Treyvon’s ending!!!! Please tell us that you have the next book ready to be released!!!!! Sooooo waiting for this giant event to happen for a few books now! Do not think I can wait toooo long!

    PS still love my Grimm best but Callen could change that ☺️

  78. Grim is still my all time favorite! That being said I loved this book too. Thanks again for coming through. Your books are worth the wait. That being said.. I can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  79. Hi Michelle, just finished reading Treyvon. It was well worth the wait! You keep writing, we’ll keep reading! I don’t know about anyone else but your books are so good I’ve been known to sneak a chapter or two while I’m at work. Shhh, don’t tell on me 😉
    Be blessed.

  80. I thought Treyvon ended too soon. It would have been nice to have a longer lead in to the next book.
    Will there be a Kalesian warrior accompanying Ullman to earth?

  81. Love your books!! Just curious when the next book in the Empirial Series might be coming out!! Thanks for writing great books!!

  82. Another masterpiece!
    Treyvon was my guilty pleasure the night before a final exam at university. As an update, the final didn’t go well LOL
    Now I want to know: Ull or Callen?
    I’m very interested in knowing what is going to happen to those two Tornian males.
    Which one do you think is coming out first M.K. Eidem?
    I will wait for the audio version of Treyvon to add to my collection. I have all of your audiobooks on my phone and repeat them A LOT hahahaha
    Keep on making this amazing books!

    1. Treyvon is currently being converted into audio and it should be available in the next couple of months. I am working on a Tornian novella at the moment for but cannot give details just yet.

  83. I love reading your work. All ready looking forward to your next book. Keep up the good work. A fan for life.

  84. I agree with the previous comment. Take care of yourself so you can write more stories. But hurry up before I die I want to read all of them. Lol I’m 65. Lol.
    Best Wishes.

  85. I’ve read all the books available in all the series repeatedly and am dying for the next book!! When is the next one for any of them being released??

    1. A Grim Pet is coming out in the anthology Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2. Release date is 10/10/17.

  86. Looking forward to Treyvon in Audio. Let us know how we can support you in getting it done. I check Audible daily. You’re my most searched author. ;;-) I’ve put October release of Pets in Space 2 in my calendar to keep checking for Amazon preorder. So looking forward to Carly & Miki’s story.

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