Oryon is out now in audiobook


Oryon: Tornians Book 3.5

Out now in audiobook!

The historic meeting of the Assemble of Lords has adjourned and the Empire is chaos. Lord Oryon must now return home and try to explain to his remaining Warriors just how their universe has changed.
House Rigel is about to be transformed and as it is, dark and long held secrets are revealed that threaten not only the House but the love between Oryon and Isis.

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7 thoughts on “Oryon is out now in audiobook”

  1. I love the Torian series so much, and some family members almost lost their hearing, when I found the series on Audible, because I screemed so loud with excitement.

  2. I am a huge fan of the Tornians series. I have read it a few times. Grim is my favorite, I just love Grim and Lisa. I have probably read that book ten different times in the last year or so. I would love to see what’s happening with some of the other ladies from Earth too. Are you planning to write more books for this series? It’d be amazing to read more and see how some of the others are doing. Thank you for writing such a great series!!

  3. I just downloaded the print, not audio , version of Oryon from iTunes and the pages aren’t matching up to the page that follows… I’m not sure why this is. I’ve got the three previous books in this series downloaded, and they are perfect. Any suggestions? The story is absolutely unreadable and I would love to continue this series without spending another 2.99 for the same book!

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