Jacinda’s Challenge: Imperial Book 3

Jacindas Challenge

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Released August 4th, 2015

Jotham was the King of the House of Protection. He was the youngest male ever to assume the position because of the sudden death of his father in his twentieth cycle. In the last forty cycles, he had married his life mate and lost her in a transport accident. He had two sons and lost one due to his own treachery. Now his first son was interested in a woman and Jotham was going to find out everything about her he could.

Jacinda was from the House of Healing. She was the widow of an Assemblyman for the House of Protection. Stephan had been her life mate even though he was twenty cycles older than her. His sudden death had devastated her and if it hadn’t been for her three children, she wasn’t sure she would have survived. In the years that followed, she learned to live with her loss and more importantly learned that life could still be good. She healed.

When Jotham summoned Jacinda to the Palace, his only intent had been for her to help him gather information on Amina, that plan went out the window when Jacinda refused. She challenged not only his right to interfere in Barek’s life but questioned how he lived his own since Lata’s death.

Two strong people come together after having loved and suffered the loss of that love. Can they find enough common ground and courage to chance a new love? Or are they destined to live the rest of their lives alone?

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12 thoughts on “Jacinda’s Challenge: Imperial Book 3”

  1. I love this series and would love for it continue ,I’m dying to know what happens to berek . I would also like more corruption and more scandal within the houses . more outrage from the purists more battle ship fights . I’m totally invested I love it . so is there going to be a spin off or is it over ? Will pajari ever be found ?

  2. I want more of Jacinda and Jotham. It was a really good book ? and left me wanting more of their story especially because of how I ended with her mark… Will there be another⁉

      1. I love the way you write. The stories are a wonderful weave of romance, science fiction, and action. At the end of the Jacinda’s Challenge I thought it would be wonderful if Deffand and Stephanie could get together. You probably already thought of that though haven’t you. Thanks for the gift of these wonderful stores.

        1. Pam, thank you for your comments. There are more stories to come in this series and we will find out who Stephanie falls in love with.

  3. Omg, I LOVE this series!!!! Actually, I love all of your series!! Gonna stay up all night till Amazon puts up Nikhil!! I CANT WAIT!!!! Looking forward to any new release of yours, no matter the series.

  4. Will Jacinda’s Challenge and Victoria’s Challenge be coming out in an audible version? Is yes when? I really liked the audible version of Cassandra’s Challenge.

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