Ynyr in Audio is coming soon


Great news! Ynyr will be out in audio very soon. I will keep you posted with all the links as soon as they go live.

Remember this from Ynyr?!

“I have never seen anything as perfect as you. Only the Goddess herself could have created something this magnificent. I wonder who her inspiration was…” Abby’s voice trailed off as she leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his chest.

6 thoughts on “Ynyr in Audio is coming soon”

  1. OK I’ve already been onto Audible and purchased my copy of Ynyr. I’ve already read all your books to date but absolutely love hearing the audio versions too and of course everytime you release another book I just have to go back to the beginning of the series and read them all again :p. Keep writing your wonderful books and thank you for sharing them.!!

  2. About Ynyr, I really loved the book. The audio not so much and it all rests on the pronunciation of the names. Ynyr is not Yanar for example.

    I probably listened to Grim and Wray too much.

    1. ?I have a confession Bookhound while I know how Ynyr is traditionally pronounced in my story its Yanar because that’s how someone I know says his name.I also know in Grim it is pronounced the traditional way and I forgot to have it corrected. Sorry about the confusion.

  3. I love this series, will we see more from them this year? I have been listening to them on audiobooks now I know how to pronounce Ynyr yay

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