Writing full-time

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?! I’ll admit I’ve thought about it and tease my hubby with the idea but that is a big step. It’s not so much the loss of ‘guaranteed’ income, it’s all the other stuff, medical, retirement, etc.

As for future books, oh yeah lots more coming. I know Wray took a long time to get out and I thank everyone for their understanding. I’ll be honest, it was a hard book to write, I wanted Wray and Kim’s story to be totally separate but still tied into Grim. It took me a while to find what felt right and I refused to let myself work on another story until it was done.

So now I have a backlog of ‘ideas’ that I’d only let myself make ‘notes’ on.

One for the Tornian series but it is far from the last. I have lots of ‘notes’ there.

One for the Imperial Series and there will be at least one more in the series.

And a new series called Kaliszians. I’m not sure how many there will be there as I’m still developing the world.


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