Weeks 2 & 3

Wow! Where has the time gone?!! The past two weeks have just flown by. Two birthday parties, the Super Bowl, an interview for a local magazine and Grim being released in Audible. Oh and massive amounts of writing!

With that in mind I thought you might like a little something from Ynyr…

“Are you sure that was the right thing to do Lord Ynyr?” Dai questioned as they entered the command center. “Warriors came here to help you secure and rebuild this House not to become trainers.”

“And what way would you do it Captain Dai? By removing every male? How does that build a House?”

“You would then have your choice of every Warrior here. Warriors you know to be worthy!”

“And would they then be mine Captain?” Ynyr demanded rounding his desk to sit. “Oh I certainly plan on offering positions to those I deem worthy and compatible with what I am going to be doing here. Two have already accepted. But without a training program, a fit and worthy training program no House can survive. I plan on making sure mine does and that my Warriors are the most sought after and highly respected ones in all the Empire!”

“That is to take time Lord Ynyr. A great deal of time and while you are doing that who is going to make sure this region is running properly?”

“Are you questioning my abilities Captain?” Ynyr slowly rose to his feet. “I remind you that I am a Lord and you are a Captain!”

“Of the Emperor’s Elite Guard!”

“Yes, one who he believed fit to assist me. You are not in charge! I am. Are we clear?”

“Of course Lord Ynyr.”

Hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to hear your comments.

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