Treyvon Hits No. 1 in Audio

I just got home from Father’s Day with my family and saw that Treyvon Audio has hit #1!! Thank you so much everyone!
Treyvon Audiobook
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11 thoughts on “Treyvon Hits No. 1 in Audio”

  1. Thank you, MKE & recording crew for another excellent audio recording of your books. I was so very excited to see Treyvon was released – I was checking daily! I purchased as quickly as possible & started listening. You can be sure I left my positive review. I’m listening for the second time while posting here. Thank you again! Will be watching for preorder of Pets in Space 2, and any news you’re willing to share about your next book. ;;-)))

    1. Thanks Irene. You’re a gem! The preorder for Pets in Space 2 is July 15th for all stores. If you are on iBooks, it is available now for preorder.

  2. I have so enjoyed your series the Torians and Kalisians (probably misspelled) I really hope you continue the series. I have them in ebook and audio. Can you tell us whose story will be told next?

    1. A Grim Pet will be out October 10 as part of the Embrace the Romance anthology. This will have Grim and Lisa from the Tornians series in it.

  3. I have read every book you have on Amazon and must say I am totally impressed! The Tornians, Kaliszians and Kirall’s kiss all kept me glued to the book until I finished-usually in one sitting! You are one of the only authors I actually pay for to read…(I have Kindle Unlimited.)…! Your love stories are so touching and filled with emotions and the guys are sometimes SO funny! Picture these huge, musclebound males basically “tip-toeing” around there mates…it is at time hilarious…but also poignant. We all want that, don’t we ladies! Hurry up and write some more, please M.K.!

  4. Of coarse Treyvon hits #1 in audio !!! I never expected anything less !!! I love all of your books. I list to them over and over. Will we see an attempt of redemption from the Ganglian or Zaludian race?

  5. Grim, Ynyr, and now Treyvon are my 3 favorite “go to” listens when I want a good book to listen to. I love these stories and I always look forward to a new book in either of these series. I’m listening to both the Tornian and Kaliszian series again. The stories are complex but easy to follow. And filled with wonderful characters and situations. I’m always anxious for the next book from MKE.

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