Treyvon Audiobook is Coming Soon

Treyvon Audiobook

Treyvon is in ‘review’ on Audible which means the audiobook will be released in the next couple of weeks.

While you wait, you can listen to a sample by clicking on the link below.

12 thoughts on “Treyvon Audiobook is Coming Soon”

  1. Looking forward to Treyvon coming out in audio. I really enjoyed the book and can’t wait to hear the narrators read it to me

  2. Is good to know that is coming ;D I listen to the sample, I like the voices selected BUT I find I must make 2 remarks: the voice of Treyvon has almost the same pitch as the off-voice narrator… It’s a little hard to detect when he is currently speaking to someone, thinking or just telling the story, as backgound narration. And Jenn’s voice! Come on! Why has an echo, a reverberation? I understand the echo thing if is the Goddess speaking, but… the heroine? I found it distracting. I would like to hear how the voice sounds normally, I think it would work better.

  3. Thank you for the quick answer 😉 Yes, the echo is how I identify the Goddes; for that reason is that I found so strange to hear it in Jen’s voice ;/ Maybe is a glitch in the audio ;?
    I’m glad to know that the saga is moving ;D
    I hope you could produce “A Grim Holliday” soon ;D
    Kisses, love your work ;D
    Don´t stop!

  4. I am happy to hear that Treyvon is coming out on audio soon. I do agree agree with the comment that the narrative voice and Treyvons sounds to much alike. I know this is just very small portion of the audio, but Jens voice sounds very stiff, with not much emotion . I did not picture her that way when I read the book several times. But still can’t wait to get the audio hoping that will change because Teyvon and Jen have such a great romantic connection. Loved the book.

  5. Have read and re-read all of your books so many times, that I practically have them memorized. The Kaliszian and Tornian series, was wondering when your next book will be published? I’m really hoping it will be soon. I’m looking forward to the Pets in Space anthology. On your next book is it going to be Ull or Callen? Or maybe someone else? Love to hear from you soon.

    Shannon Shipley

    1. I have another book coming out later in the year (apart from A Grim Pet) and I’ll have more news on that soon.

  6. I am very excited about the audio! I am unable to read the print version, so audio is the only way I can enjoy your books. I have listened (multiple times) to all your books
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful worlds and adventures with us!

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