Release Date for Treyvon

I am thrilled to announce that Treyvon will be released on Tuesday February 28th 2017. And yes I will be doing a preorder for it.

Preorder here:
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia
Amazon Germany
Amazon France

I am sorry for the delays with Treyvon and so I wanted to thank you for your patience by sharing the first chapter of Treyvon with my newsletter subscribers this Saturday January 28. If you do not get my newsletter, now is your chance to sign up so you can get a sneak peak at Treyvon. You can sign up here: Newsletter Signup

Thank you to everyone for your support and for waiting for Treyvon. One of my beta readers said “I was in reading heaven today as I curled up with Treyvon. Loved it! Great story and it sucked me right in.” I really hope the waiting will be worth it for you.

I will let you know as soon as the preorder links are available and in the meantime will keep you up to date here with regular posts and excerpts from Treyvon.

Would you also do me a favor and share this with your friends in case they don’t see my note. Thank you.

Read Chapters 1 and 2 here. I hope you enjoy

51 thoughts on “Release Date for Treyvon”

  1. So excited for Treyvon!!!! I can’t wait to read his story, and I have a feeling the Tornians and Kalizans are about to have a strong connection. Live Mk Eidems worlds and c annot wait to see whhat her books bring us.

  2. Hi, Miss Eidem, , Just finish reading the first chapter via the news letter. I am anxiously awaiting the release day. Oh yeah ??

    1. Same here, but thanks to the tip to email Narelle it was solved that way too.
      Thanks for the tip & off course for the teaser via chapter 1 ^^

      And I’m sooooooooo nosey now how the story will evolve (originally already since the last book ending with Jennifer getting hurt) specially if the Tornians will be involved and if the sisters will finally meet each other and and and.
      I’m glad I’m quite busy with work, so the time won’t crawl at least until release. Happily looking forward 🙂

  3. I have been subscribed to your newsletter and I tried to subscribe again and I was told I’m already subscribed BUT I did not and have not been receiving any newsletters from you. I would really like to read the 1st chapter of Treyvon. Thank you.

  4. I am excited to hear that Treyvon book 2 in the series will be out soon, but I need to know if there will be anymore books in the Tornian series. Will there be a book for Ull? A book for Rebecca and Callen? Will we find out more about our fave characters like Oryon and Isis and Grim and Lisa??

      1. Hi, when will audio will be available??? I don’t have much time to read anymore and now i get all my books on audio. Its the only way i can enjoy books. Thanks

  5. hello ! i love your work and i’m really excited with this new…
    However i’m curious: will Treyvon have a paperbook version?

      1. Wonderfull!
        But… I will need to wait for the shipping time until France… 🙁
        However i will be able to keep it for my collection, so it’s fair and better for the best book ever

  6. M.K.: Preordered my copy of Treyvon right away, back when I saw your posting re: Feb28 release. Will keep checking for Audible release, too. Still sending you happy, creative, productive vibes for any & all stories from the Tornian, Kaliszian & Imperial worlds. If Lois McMaster Bujold can write the Vorkosigan saga out of sequence; and Catherine Asaro can write Ruby Dynasty (Skolian saga) out of sequence; and both can win top awards…..let your heart and mind and pen take you where they will. JOY!!!

      1. You can count on me reading Treyvon multiple times. I’ve been relistening to Grim, et al, the last 2 days as a warm up to release date. I read the chapter 1 Treyvon preview; and I want to thank you for previewing Chapter 2. 1 week from right now you can be sure I’ll be chapters deep. Any secrets to getting the Amazon download ASAP?

          1. Dang Time Zones! (Well, we’ll cut those Aussies some slack as they’re so close to U.S. in spirit…) Do we have to wait until after midnight PT for Amazon? Or can we get ebook in my CT, or best, ET?

  7. Just finished Treyvon. Oh my goodness it was well worth the wait. Well done Michelle, you have certainly outdone yourself. Don’t want to say to much for those who haven’t read it yet and spoil their enjoyment. Again well done xxx

    1. Thank you so much. I’m thrilled you love Treyvon. ?
      I’ll share soon my next projects. I just want to make sure about the stories first because sometimes there are surprises and I end up writing another story like I did when I sat down to write Treyvon. It soon became obvious I needed to write Nikhil first.

  8. I just finished reading Treyvon and it was wonderful. I laughed and I cried and was so happy when the mating beads appeared. I can not waiting until the next book. Grim still remains my favorite but Treyvon just took 2nd. Good book, keep writing.

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