Nikhil: Kaliszians Book 1


Nikhil: Kaliszians Book 1

As the Squad Leader of the Elite Warriors, Nikhil Kozar was the largest warrior in the Kaliszian Empire. When a shuttle crashes on one of their planets the search and rescue mission turned into something much more complicated.

Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Wharton had agreed to guide a group that had wanted an adventure on her mountain. They got more than they bargained for when they were all abducted by a group of aliens called the Ganglians. Badly beaten and barely alive Mac finds herself in the arms of the largest male she’s ever seen. She should fear him, should be fighting to get away from him, but there was something about the massive male that called to her.

A traitor threatens the Empire… Someone wants Nikhil dead…. The Zaludians want Mackenzie back… And then there was the secret she is keeping…. Would it be the one thing that finally brought down the Kaliszian Empire? Or would it be the first step in its rebirth?

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25 thoughts on “Nikhil: Kaliszians Book 1”

        1. I don’t right now Daisy, my narrator is working on the Imperial Series.
          Once he is done I plan on him starting the Kaliszians.

  1. Thanks for the advance notice! Already pre-ordered. Can’t wait. Adore every one of your books.

  2. yes, the book is near release, i can’t wait to read it!
    Or… A litlle, for the book i am really loving, i prefer to have a paperbook exemplar 🙂

  3. i am excited to see a new series and can’t wait till it comes out!!!!!!!!!! but will you be continuing with the Tornians story

  4. Hi I finished reading Nikhil last night. I have read all your books and love them. Constructive criticism. Your proof reader if you have one needs to sort out the English grammatical errors in Wray. It is one of my favourite books but each time I re read i, I get frustrated correcting the past, present and future tense. I will still read your work. Your creativity and imagination is magnificent. Nikhil was really good but really short. I was hoping for more as it felt like a book to introduce Trevon. I love all your work and my friends I recommended you’re books to love them too. Please keep on writing. When do we get Tevon? I know, I know. I am a glutton for your books.


  5. I just finished it, and I have to say I absolutely loved it. Now I’m going to reread all of them again 🙂
    Thanks again for being you and sharing your books with us.

  6. Nikhil was good but unfortunately it still can’t beat Grim (pss: Grim is my fev of all?????). I’m totally looking forward for ur next books release especially treyvon and of course tornion series. reaallly needs extra scene about Grimm & his females along the way..hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for treyvon for i have only little patient left for Treyvon & Jen story to be conclude ????
    overall i give Nikhil
    ❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤ and not to forget a BIG claps ????? to a veryy talented author of this awesome stories????

  7. I have finished reading Nikhil. I enjoyed it as I have every one of your other book. When will Treyvon and Jen’s story.

  8. I really didn’t want to read Nikhil. In fact, I was unhappy that you wrote it, wanting more of the Tornians instead… Well, I’m glad you did! Furthermore, I’m glad I read it and am eagerly anticipating Treyvon. I’m hoping you re-visit the Tornians though because I can’t wait for Callen (and I’m hoping it’s Callen). Your ability to present so much emotion into these characters makes me coming back for more. The hero/heroine concept in your stories never gets lost. I’ve read Grim so many times and it just never gets old. So please, keep them coming!

  9. We still need to know what became of Kim’s sister and brother n law. Any plans to write on this? Love the Tornians. I was hooked first scene and the sound effects took it to a new level for me.

  10. I really enjoyed Nikhil. Great start to a new series. Have read Tornian series numerous times. Enjoyed Grim and Wray on audio immensely and have listened to them repeatedly. Didn’t care for narrators for Ynar or Orion and returned the audio books. Couldn’t stand the voices. Really hope you use different ones for this series. Can’t wait for more of your work and to see where the next one takes all of your devoted readers. You are truly talented!!!!

  11. ??LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, THIS BOOK!!! ??…..This is the book that started me being a fan of your series, bought it because it sounded like it would be a great read and I wasn’t disappointed,the guy on the cover is very easy on the eye also…?… Nikhil is a dream man.. He has a heart of gold,a gentle soul ….. I went and bought all of the Tornian series that is out so far and am eagerly awaiting the release of Treyvon,I check every day to see if it is out yet (I know,bad huh?!?! Lol)

  12. Like everyone else I’m hooked on your books and can’t wait for Treyvon. I am also looking forward to what happens to Cullen, Rebecca, and Ull even though I secretly hope he has to protect and falls in love with a Auyangian or a Kalisazian instead of a earthling. It would be interesting to see if his love and honor will win out against Daco influence and Ull own pride

  13. Yes yes yes!!! Discovered last night that Nikhil was out on audio, so I downloaded it and am currently listening to it. Thank you.??

  14. I have really liked Nikhil. I was super exited for it to come out. (Though I’m a bit more excited for Treyvon’s story) I especially like the fact that we get to see things from another species’ perspective. I was recently re-reading the part where Treyvon tells Emperor Liron about Mac being Nikhil’s true mate. I love Liron’s reaction. It made me hope there was a special lady for him. So does he already have an Ashe? Or were you planning to give him a book? I’m crossing my fingers for a nice Botanist or UN Ambassador. I’ve been dying to know how diplomatic things are going to go with Earth from both species’ perspective.

  15. I love all you books I listen to them on my commute to work they really make the drive fly by. Grimm is still my favorite but I am definitely looking forward to more books the Kaliszians series as well. Nikhil was great and has got me super excited for Treyvon is there any word on the release date? Are we going to see more book in the Tornian universe?

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