Nikhil is coming soon!

I thought I should give you an update since it is February and still no Treyvon.

I was on track to have Treyvon done on time when I had a friend read the first half for an opinion. She enjoyed the story but was asking questions about another couple that were playing an important role and I suddenly realized I was doing the same as with Grim and Wray’s stories, writing them out of order. Sooooo I set Treyvon aside and started on Nikhil and Mackenzie’s story.

It is nearly completed and edits are in the works. I’m not giving a definite date at this time because I hate to disappoint but I will promise to let you know asap when Nikhil is available for preorder.

It’s time to meet Nikhil:


Nikhil: Kaliszians Book 1

As the Squad Leader of the Elite Warriors, Nikhil Kozar was the largest warrior in the Kaliszian Empire. When a shuttle crashes on one of their planets the search and rescue mission turned into something much more complicated.

Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Wharton had agreed to guide a group that had wanted an adventure on her mountain. They got more than they bargained for when they were all abducted by a group of aliens called the Ganglians. Badly beaten and barely alive Mac finds herself in the arms of the largest male she’s ever seen. She should fear him, should be fighting to get away from him, but there was something about the massive male that called to her.

A traitor threatens the Empire… Someone wants Nikhil dead…. The Zaludians want Mackenzie back… And then there was the secret she is keeping…. Would it be the one thing that finally brought down the Kaliszian Empire? Or would it be the first step in its rebirth?

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31 thoughts on “Nikhil is coming soon!”

  1. Yess yes yes (dance Dance dance) excitement. Thhhhhannnk you soon much:)

    I am sitting at work at my desk doing a happy wiggle. Please keep writing

    P.s. it will give me adult relax time while my husband plays with our triplets

  2. This sounds exciting. I can’t wait to hear it on audiobook with all the wonderful sound effects. I wish all regna audiobooks were like yours. By the way Oryan was excellent. Although, I felt when it ended, there was more that came after but was held back. Is Isis going to get pregnant with a girl too? I mean 43 is not that old…

  3. This sounds exciting. I can’t wait to hear it on audiobook with all the wonderful sound effects. I wish all regna audiobooks were like yours. By the way Oryan was excellent. Although, I felt when it ended, there was more that came after but was held back. Is Isis going to get pregnant with a girl too? I mean 43 is not that old…

  4. Ack! Okay once the shock wore off from this announcement, I was super excited BECAUSE this probably means you were almost done with Treyvon so once you release Nikhil, Treyvon should be close behind 🙂

    I know! I know! Your fans are merciless in wanting new books.

    Sending you blessings and gratitude

  5. Looks good! Just let us know in the newsletter when we can pre-order. Can’t wait for both ! Going to be great to get the one and know the other is not far behind getting its release. Looking forward to your excellent writing. Love them all!

  6. Your ability to bring the characters to life is amazing. Can’t wait to read the next one. This is one of my favorite series and I applaud your ingenuity and imagination. As long as you write them, I will read them. Promise!

  7. Well, I loved Grim’s book so much that motivated me to buy your other books.

    I loved your stories and writing style and have read all your books at least twice.

    I would love to read the stories of the other women depicted in Grim’s story, as well as Victoria’s friends in the Imperials series.

    Please hurry!!

  8. It is definitely important to get it right and I figure this just means you have a jump on the next book. 🙂 Just finished rereading Wray tonight (in my paperback copy from RomCon) and loved having it in paperback and reading in the epilogue that Treyvon was coming to see them, it will be fun to see how you tie your series together when they catch up with each other. Good luck with edits and I look forward to reading them both in the future.

  9. Does this mean that Treyvon is next and not Ull? I’ve read some people on your page think he doesn’t deserve a female, but I can’t wait to read his story to see how he changes. His Take on how he felt being rejected so many times and when he goes to help Grim. Please say he’s still next? I’ve been waiting on so patiently for the next book on the Torians.

  10. Wooo Hooo! Cannot wait. I have been waiting patiently and understand the change you have made. Thanks for some great books. I have a feeling we will see Kims sister in the next few books 🙂

  11. Great to hear that these books will be out soon. I have really enjoyed your prior books. Will you be revisiting the Emporia series and will you ever return to earth for potential survivors who maybe surviving in shelters similar to the Chamberlin family?

  12. Have been looking forward to Treyvon, but I can see the reasoning. I will patiently await the release of Nikhil.
    I never do this, but can’t help it on this one.
    I love your writing! Even when the editing wasn’t great, the quality of the story far outweighed the grammatical errors.
    I don’t like to criticize someone’s artistic efforts (I don’t have the talent myself :)) So, it is with mixed emotions that I say this. The cover photo showing for Nikhil is just awful. It appears to be the head of one man on another’s body with plastic braids added in. Choose a cover that is as great as your writing!

  13. I’m so excited to read Nikhil. Of course I’m like all your readers and would love new books from you every week, but that would kill your creativity and great story telling. I’m glad that despite the “encouragement” pushy as its been from your fans, that you decided to let us wait so that the story could be told correctly. I hope Nikhil comes soon and that Treyvon will be very cooperative in letting you finish his story quickly.

  14. Thank you for the heads up 🙂 I really look forward to everything you write. I pre order every chance I get.

    Absolutely love your worlds and that your willing to share them with us.


  15. How soon?!, I just cant wait much longer.
    I’ve been checking your page and Amazon weekly for it.
    Please,please,please tell me its coming soon.

  16. Yay! Just discovered this book is available for pre-order! I immediately pre-ordered now I just need to be patient until March 22nd. I plan to read the entire series all over again.

    Thank you for your beautiful stories!

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