Nikhil in Audiobook is Coming Soon

Nikhil Audio website

I’m excited to say that I have fast tracked Nikhil as an audiobook and it will be coming soon. I will let you know as soon as I have a release date.

7 thoughts on “Nikhil in Audiobook is Coming Soon”

  1. Can’t wait! I keep checking Audible every few days for Nikhil & Cassandra’s Challenge. I can so see why Nikhil was published before Treyvon to avoid the reverse story order found in Grim/Wray

    1. June07,2016: Bought Cassandra’s Challenge in So very worth their membership to get this audio for 1 membership credit, or even for free to sign up. I first found Grim thru their website. Thanks M.K. For your efforts! I’m very much looking forward to Nikhil audio, or more books in the Challenge or Tornians uverses.

  2. I loved this book. Nikhil was an awesome warrior ! He was as tender and caring male as he was fearless warrior. His story touched me so much. I laughed and cried out loud. I am now anxiously awaiting the release of Treyvon ! I am now as addicted to the Kaliszians as I am to the Tornians ! Just purchased Cassandra’s Challenge ! I feel another addiction coming on !

  3. YEA!!! I really enjoy your writing. My guilty secret is I listen to your books at work. Yep, I do. Pretty bad when you’re wiping a tear away & your boss come by to talk. Mor-ti-fy-ing! Looking forward to the next Tornians book. Aren’t the Kaliszian a kind of spin-off of this series? Thanks for your time.

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