Embrace the Romance and Win A Kindle Fire


Hello all, as you know Carly and Miki are close to my heart and my new story, ‘A Grim Pet’, that is included in ‘Embrace the Romance’, allowed me to revisit them. Not in the way so many of you are wanting, with the story of Grim and Lisa’s baby but that is coming. I promise. ‘A Grim Pet’ continues to tie my two worlds together, the Tornians and the Kaliszians, and will expand them. It lets you into the way my crazy mind thinks, (my hubby will be glad to know he’s not alone), and the futures that are waiting for Carly and Miki.

I hope you support our efforts to help hero-dogs.org.

If you haven’t purchased Embrace the Romance, you can here: Universal Buy Link

I am running a fun contest to celebrate the release of Embrace the Romance and you can win a Kindle Fire 7 just by answering one easy question about Embrace the Romance. Don’t delay entering as I’m only running it for a couple of days.

Enter here: http://www.mkeidem.com/giveaways/embrace-the-romance-and-win-kindle-fire/

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