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Nikhil Makes USAToday Bestselling Books #34

A great big THANK YOU for Nikhil hitting #34 to my readers.

Nikhil USAToday Bestseller 34

You can chat about Nikhil here: 

Kiralls KissKriall’s Kiss is out now as a stand alone book. I had previously released Kriall’s Kiss as part of the anthology, Bound by Heat. You can find out more about Kriall’s Kiss here:

Kirall’s Kiss

Treyvon is a work in progress and I will keep you updated as to how his story is going. I do not have a release date yet!

Cassandras Challenge AudiobookCassandra’s Challenge in audio is also a work in progress and I have an excerpt for you here. Just click on the cover below to listen:

Anywho, have a great day!
Michelle E

Ynyr is USA Today #79

YNYR - USA Today #79
Okay… Wow… What else can I say?
Well I need to thank a few people… okay a lot of people who made my life what it is today.
To my family and friends. Thank you for supporting me on this new path my life is taking. It’s one I never thought would really be possible but here I am on it.
To Judy H. You were the first person to reach out to me after Grim. You explained web domains, websites and we’d talk until the battery on your cell phone would die. Our trip to Vegas is one for the books:). Thank you my friend.
To Judy B and Donna. Thank you ladies for the amazing covers. How you know how to get what’s in my head on a cover I’ll never know. It’s been great to work with you.
To Susan. Your support… I can never tell you what it’s meant to me. You answered all my ‘stupid’ questions and never made me feel stupid. You helped broaden my world and introduced me to the most amazing people!
To Sally, Julie, Fern and Beth. You ladies are AMAZING!!! You challenge me, give me your honest opinions and make my writing better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
To Reese. Your friendship has come to mean so much to me. How many meltdowns have we been through together now? You’ve helped me, supported me and been one of my biggest supporters. Thank you for being my friend.
To Narelle. How you do what you do I will never understand. You keep me on track with all that ‘social’ media that I don’t understand and my kids laugh at me about. I’m excited to see what you have in store for me next.
And to my fans…..
What can I say but I have the BEST!
Without all of YOU none of this would even have been possible. YOU have been patient when there have been long delays between books. You’ve commented on my blog, left reviews and sent me emails. You’ve always been supportive and vocal and have spread the word about my books to your friends.
I promise I will keep on writing and hope you enjoy my future offerings as much as you have what I’ve done so far.

With sincere thanks,
Michelle Eidem

Ynyr: Tornians Book 3

Ynyr 600x900

USA Today Best Seller
Amazon #1 Best Seller
Amazon #1 – UK Best Seller

Ynyr was a third male and while he was a fit and worthy Warrior, he had always known that no female would ever Join with him. His mother’s refusal to leave his manno had most looking down on his family. He knew Ull would be able to overcome this because he was a first male and would one day be a Lord. Maybe even Vali, since he was a second male but neither Ynyr nor his younger brother Zev would ever be acceptable to a female. The most they could hope for was to serve their House with honor. That all changed with the arrival of the females from Earth.

Abby’s life had not been an easy one, especially after the death of her family when she had been sixteen but she had thought things were finally looking up. She was a year away from achieving her dream of becoming a teacher and soon she would be making a difference in the lives of children others had given up on. That all changed when she worked a double shift at the library to help a friend.

Ynyr and Abby come together in the most unusual of ways but that is just the beginning of the uniqueness of their relationship. Together they must do something no other Lord and Lady have ever done, make their House the shining example the Emperor demanded it be, out of one that has been destroyed by deceit and evil.

Will the secrets left behind by Bertos and Risa tear them apart? Or will it be Abby’s own secrets and Ynyr’s reaction to them that do?

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