Cassandra’s Challenge is out in audiobook

I am so excited to announce that Cassandra’s Challenge is out in audiobook. Now it is long at 22hours and 44 mins but then you knew it would be long given how long the book version is.

My main narrator, Ian Gordan, and his team of Jennifer Gill, Jess Friedman, and Gary Gordan, have done a fantastic job with Cassandra. The special effects are amazing.

I hope you enjoy listening to Cassandra’s Challenge.

Cassandras Challenge Audiobook

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Cassandra Chamberlain has always stood out. It’s hard not too at 6’1” and 165 pounds with jet black hair and sapphire blue eyes. And if that wasn’t enough she is also brilliant, graduating from Harvard at fifteen, teaching at MIT at nineteen and up for the prestigious Magellan Award at twenty five. But she’s never really fit in. Not with her peers, not with her contemporaries, only with her family. But everything changes when the Earth is attacked and Cassandra and her niece Victoria are the only survivors. Suddenly the smartest woman on the planet has to relearn everything. Everything she’s believes to be true is challenged and she has to learn to survive, not only for herself but for Victoria, because someone wants them dead.

Admiral William Zafar is the youngest Admiral ever in the Coalition fleet, the hero of the Battle of Fayal. At 7’1” he’s 325 pounds of Carinian male in his prime who is feared and respected throughout the fleet. He is a royal from the House of Protection, carrying its birthmark and considers its King one of his oldest friends.

But when the Regulians destroy a previously unknown planet leaving only two survivors he finds he’s willing to risk it all to protect the woman he loves from the Regulians and the Carinian traitor that wants her dead.

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iTunes (coming soon)

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4 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Challenge is out in audiobook”

  1. First, I love the audio book. It was worth the wait.

    Suggestion: why don’t you release the Imperial theme as a ring tone. I want it!

  2. I have finished listening to your new Audio Book of Cassandra’s Challenge and have to admit it was far far better than I expected I was absolutely delighted the little background noises and having different voices for the characters really brought he book to life.

    After listening to the Tornian’s series I didn’t think you could improve but you’ve certainly raised the bar… Thanks for taking the time to make sure it was such a splendid piece only one question now ….. when are the rest coming out?? LOL 🙂

  3. Would like to know if there will be a book on Fallen and Rebbecca I have enjoyed all of this authors books even the kalazians hoping for more books

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