Bound by Heat and Kirall’s Kiss

Just in case you missed my announcement in my October newsletter, I will again be doing an anthology with Michelle Howard and J.A. Hornbuckle. My offering is called Kirall’s Kiss and it’s my first dragon shifter book and I’m really excited about it.

Release date is November 24th, 2015

Please stop by our FB party on November 13th. JA, Michelle and I will be hanging out and chatting with readers about Bound by Heat from 5:00p eastern time to 7:00p eastern.

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Bound by Heat

Kirall’s Kiss

Kirall was a Black Dragoon, a Prime, and he’s angry. He was only four hundred and forty-six.  He shouldn’t be experiencing his fifth joining heat. Especially not so far from home when the only females available where human ones.

Autumn was a human, a female, and she was desperate. She was twenty-two and struggling to make ends meet. It was why she agreed to impersonate her roommate and waitress for the weekend at a private party. The money she’d been guaranteed would change her life.

She was right.

It was also going to change Kirall’s in ways he never could have imagined.

Two unlikely people are brought together because of desperation. If they can find a way past the deceptions that brought them together, they will not only change each other, but together, they will change the Universe.

The anthology is no longer available. Kirall’s Kiss is now available as a stand alone book.

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