Oryon: Tornian Series Book 5

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The historic meeting of the Assemble of Lords has adjourned and the Empire is chaos. Lord Oryon must now return home and try to explain to his remaining Warriors just how their universe has changed. House Rigel is about to be transformed and as it is, dark and long held secrets are revealed that threaten not only the House but the love between Oryon and Isis.

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Paperback  6×9


4 thoughts on “Oryon: Tornian Series Book 5”

  1. I left a review on amazon, but I will repost here: I found an inconsistency, in Ynyr Isis tells everyone that she knows they would have taken her ( when speaking to the whole family after Abby chose Ynyr) however in this book at the end she knows noting about it. You may wish to fix the errors before distribution. I find re-reading predating stories fixes this.

    That said, I really enjoy reading your books and am hoping Vali gets his own female. I adore Vali!

  2. No pensé que fuera a disfrutar esta historia tanto como las anteriores de la serie, pero Isis y Oryon se han convertido en mis favoritos. Creo que requiere gran valentía llevar adelante un cambio tan drástico, y espero que sepamos más de cómo se manifiestan las bendiciones que La Diosa les tiene destinadas.
    Mellizas, tal vez?

  3. Will there be another book with just Isis and Oryon? I love those two and the story was wonderful, but it leaves you wanting more. Also will she finally get the girl(s) she has be praying for? Will will follow along with the pregnancy? Love the series!!!

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