Treyvon: Kaliszian Series Book 2

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Treyvon: Kaliszians Book 2

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Treyvon Rayner is the most powerful General in the Kaliszian Empire. His cousin, the Emperor, has entrusted him with its defense. When the Tornian Emperor’s ship is attacked while within Kaliszian boundaries, Treyvon’s rage knows no bounds. He is determined to find out why it happened and to make sure it never happens again.

What he discovers on Pontus is death, betrayal and possibly the last hope for his people… if he is brave enough, strong enough and can love enough to accept what the Goddess has gifted him.

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305 thoughts on “Treyvon: Kaliszian Series Book 2”

  1. This looks so good I can’t wait for this new series. My mother only does audio books. Will this be available on audio in January as well?

  2. I got Grim first, then Cassandra’s Challenge. I now have everything out and the audible’s too listen to Grim while I do needlework and beading. Love the sound effects!

    1. Thank you Lori. Treyvon will be out soon. The characters are still talking to me which is why my books are long lol. As soon as I have a release date, I will announce it here and on FB and Twitter so you won’t miss out.

    1. Soon! It is coming soon! I am looking at a late January or February release, Jackie, but I don’t have a firm date yet. I thought maybe you were shaking from the cold like we are. We have been hitting 0 temps around midday and then the mercury drops again so I am looking forward to things warming up and defrosting.

      1. Is Treyon out yet? Amazon Germany takes sometimes a little longer to post new releases. I am hooked on your books since Cassandras Challenge.

  3. Counting down with bated breath.. Are we still going to meet the January target for Trevyon? I am staying very very hopeful. I love the rich histories and personalities you develop for each character in your books, and the depth you explore in each of your stories. If Trevyon doesn’t arrive in January, I am sure it will be that much better in February! Looking forward to it!

    -Minor typo in earlier post (;

  4. hello
    any news when it will be available?
    We are in february but i suppose the waiting is because the book will be the best πŸ™‚

  5. i have tremendously enjoyed all of your books. I can’t wait for Barek and Amina, and Nicholas and Stephanie ‘s journies. i just re-read “Cassandra’ Challenge” and “Victoria’s Challenge” before reading “Jacinda’s Challenge” to refresh my memory. Each is like visiting an old friend.

  6. Just received your newslette announcing the upcoming book Nikhil. WOW the cover is great. What a spunk!
    When is Nikhil being released? Also do you have a new release date for the now second book in the Kaliszians series, Treyvon?
    Thanks for all of your books they have given me many hours of pleasure.

  7. Will you write about Kim sister, the dates of release for the Kaliszians series and will there be a 4th book for the imperial series.

  8. Love all your books, just wished ulyou had like 8 arms so you could write faster. Will you write about Kim sister, the dates of release for the Kaliszians series and will there be a 4th book for the imperial series.

  9. I’m so confused now there’s a whole nother book before Treyvon I mean don’t get me wrong love that there’s more books but what goin to happen to the release dates are they coming out soon

  10. I have read all your books and love the characters. Grim was my favorite and got me hooked. Thank you. I admit to being impatient for the next one. Is Treyvon to be released in February??

  11. I’ve read all your books several times. I’m wondering if there is going to be a book about Callan and Rebecca.

  12. I just finished reading Nikhil and I was great, but jen is gonna be Tryvon”s huh? That’s awesome and sad at the same time. Can’t wait to read how you have Jen overcome everything. I agree with the others your books are really great and I’m able to reread multiple times in a week.

  13. Ok I have just finished Nikhil and I have to say “I loved it”! Now when is Treyvon coming out lol. Thanks for a beautiful read.

  14. Another excellent book Michelle, your story raced along, keeping my attention until the end. It’ll be great to read Treyvon and whatever other new books you’ve got in the works.

  15. OMG!!!! Just finished Nikhil about 2am, and am waiting anxiously for Treyvon’s story. Nikhil was brilliant, I would give his story 9 3/4 stars because I love Grim sooooo much. I am actually glad you did his story before Treyvon’s as he was the first to have a mate.
    For me Wray was good but lacked a lot that you put into Grim. I hope you have more coming for the Tornians.
    Stay as healthy as possible, your fans are addicted πŸ˜€

  16. It was recommended that I read Grim, I have thanked them over and over again for that! I have read that series more times than I can count. Which then turned me on to your other series. Got Nikhil yesterday, done. Couldn’t put it down. Thank you! I love your stories and can’t wait for anything you want to put out there.

  17. WOW!!!
    AGAIN… Lol
    Love all your books; you are such a gifted writer, I pretty much read other books waiting for you and Ms SE Smith to come out with the next episode of whatever series your gonna write next:)
    I must implore you to write Rebecca’s story soon though..
    I read Grim and fell in love with your books, but you kind of went backwards in the story instead of forwards and all I want to know is what happened to Rebecca and Callum ???
    This is a story I’m pretty sure everyone of your Grim fans want to read?
    When will you make this a reality?
    Yours truly?

    Your greatest fan and avid braggart of your books to anyone who reads;)

  18. Really enjoyed nikhil love all then tornian series and this is a good companion/crossover series l wonder who Lisa wants to send to earth (iluded to in a grim holiday) ull possibly will he overcome dacos influence so many plot lines Rebecca and Callum but what of the other woman taken and those further kidnapped by the ganglians.

  19. Loved Nikhil. Can’t wait to read Treyvon. I love your writing style. I love your books. Thank you for taking me to other worlds and new species. It’s so hard to wait for your next book.
    Have a great week!!

    1. I’m sorry I make it so hard on you Kathy?.
      I’m glad you like my stories and I will try to write faster but no promises.

  20. Any word on Trevyon? I Re read your books all the time, you really write so well. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy them, thank you for that! !

  21. Just have to say i love all your books. You blend the characters so well and have all these different plot lines going at once its hard on the fans to pick one story line we like best. They are awsome books all.

  22. I have enjoyed reading all your stories and very much look forward to many more. Treyvon story according to what I have read is supposed to be out and isn’t. When will it be available?

  23. Wow just read Nikhil for the second time it’s brilliant. Can’t wait for Treyvon’s book . I love all your books especially Grim.

  24. Everybody seems to be asking you to write faster! Well I love your books, and please take as long as you need, (as long as it isn’t 5 years!). Your stories are so wonderful and entertaining! I have read authors who start out great, and then seem to be on a deadline and all their newest stuff just doesn’t have the same pizazz as their early works. So please, take as much time as you need to make this story great too. I look forward to buying more in your series’. Thank you for bringing this world to life for us and sharing with us readers.

  25. Just got finish with Nikhil and I get why u wanted to release it first got to say I loved it any idea when Treyvon will be out can’t wait to read it

  26. Just recently found your fantastic world and have become seriously addicted!!! Cannot wait for the next book in either the Tornian or Kaliszians series!!!
    It’s rare that I devour a series of books and go back and reread them again immediately! I did with these!!!
    Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  27. I have been following you and your awesome books..
    Thank you for your insight and imagination in all..
    Can’t wait for new releases

  28. I just finished Nikhal and love it!!!I’m a sucker for love stories, I can’t wait until Treyvon is out???? so witch one of your other series should I start while I wait for treyvon?
    Thank you

  29. LMAO hahahaha!!!

    Just reading the comments above an I have to say ……

    How do you put up with us? ???

    Really looking forward to treyvon and just to reiterate when will it be released? Lol

    I know it will be brilliant and worth the wait ( even if waiting is making me?)

    Your biggest fan

  30. I read all the books in tornian series, they were amazing. I m still looking forward to read ‘ how the goddess fulfilled the promise to oryon n isis? & their complication. what about their son being corrupted by daco?’ sure love to read it.
    I have also recently read Nkihil. it was awesome. Waiting for ‘Treyvon’

  31. I have read all your books multiple times for example Nikhal I am on my fourth reading. I find myself finding things that I miss my first time reading because I am often excited and eager to find out what is happening to the characters I’ve come to love.

  32. I haven’t even finished Nihil and I had to come looking for the next one. Nikhil reminds me so much of Grim- strong but so gentle. Love them both!

  33. Just retread nikhal for the second time just in case I missed anything. I love all your books. You engage us with your wonderful stories. Can’t wait to read Treyvon. Any idea on a release date. Not that were rushing you

  34. I have enjoyed your writing with the Tornians and the Imperial Series. I loved the pace of Nikhil’s book. I am looking forward to Treyvan’s story, and I hope to see Kim and Jen’s reunion. Also, with the Imperial series, any chance to see a book with Stephanie and Colonel? Defand? The ending of Jacinda’s, with Stephanie getting hurt, and Defand’s reaction, left me hoping for another story. Thank you for your books, they are very entertaining.

  35. I just wanted to say thanks for the great stories you have given us. I have enjoyed everything I have read and looking forward to whatever will be next. Just please keep them coming.

  36. Lmao… We’re all such babies, crying for our next feeding! That said, it is now May, do you have an update on Treyvon? Getting twitchy for my fix. LOL!

  37. Love love love all of your books. New to your books best find in a long time. Thank you for the wonderful journey. Ok July for the release of Treyvon. Bummer. Today would be so much better.


  38. Hi Michelle,
    Started reading all your books a little while ago. Loved Grim but Nikhil is my favorite this far and Like the rest of your fans. I am awaiting Treyvon release!!! Love your books Kudis!!!!?????????????

  39. I love your books! You have a great writing style that keeps me glued to a book from beginning to end. I have to wait until the weekend to read new releases because once I start reading I’m not putting it down until the end, then I want the next book. I reread your books all the time and constantly check for new releases. Thank you for writing your books.

  40. Is there an expected release date yet? Even if its as broad as summer fall or winter just so we have an idea of how long.

    I love all of your books and this is an amazing universe you are creating.

  41. I love your books. I don’t know which I love from Grim, Waay, A Grim Holiday, Oryon, Ynyr, an Nikhil. I love how the seam so real, how they have to overcome the difference of their beliefs to stand together.

    I’m looking forward for Callen an Rebecca’s story and Treyvon.


  42. I just started reading your Tornian series…about two weeks ago. I’m all done everything you have that has currently been published in that series and starting on Nikhil… Well okay I’m half done. When is Treyvon’s book due out? Keep up the great work… I’m totally hooked.

  43. Recently found your books and love them. Looking forward for the next instalments for Tournians and Kaliszians. Do you have any books coming out in 2016?

  44. I’m re-reading Wray and just imagining the reunion between Jennifer and Kim. I can hardly wait for Treyvon to be released just for that scene!!! LOL

  45. I just finished reading Nikhil again. Can’t wait for Treyvon to be released. Do you know when? I started with Grim and read the whole series a few times. Grim is my favorite. But I also love Nikhil. I love your stories because it has more than the romance, your stories have a strong plot, which some authors don’t have.

    How do we find out when Treyvon will be released.

  46. Love your books so much. Grim is and will always be my favorite. I can’t wait for Treyvons story!!! And Callen and Rebecca are begging for their story still. Much love, JE

  47. I love all your books just finished the imperial series love it can’t wait for the next installment is there any word on the release date for Treyvon I’m standing on pins and needles waiting thanks for showing me a new universe I love can’t wait for more

  48. I Love your books! It doesn’t matter witch series I love all of them…. So naturally when one of your book come out I would rush and buy it as soon as possible like it gonna be the last copy in theworld…. So when Nikhil story come out I baught it right away but I won’t let myself read it cause I know once I do I can’t wait to read the next one… So you see I was going to wait for Treyvon story to come out and than read it toghter and maybe I won’t have this deep craving for more like I always do when I’m done with one of your book… but I finally scumb to it last night and won’t but it down until I finished Nikhil and now I can’t wait for Treyvon story to come out!!! PLEAS PLEAS said is coming soon ?? possibly next month?lol but honestly Your the best and thank you for sharing this amazing world you created with us…

  49. Big fan of all your works. Thank you for your time and dedication. Grim might be my favorite but really love them all. There are few books I can read many times over. Yours are just that great.

  50. LOVE your books never get tired reread it all the story again. When will we get to see Treyvon new release?

  51. Disappointed in your refusal to keep your fans updated. It is simple courtesy when a provided publish date has been missed (by a lot). Not asking you to publish it now. Only asking for communication. Your lack of it has tarnished my enjoyment of your books.

  52. can’t wait for Trevon’s story! are there any updates on when it’s coming out? I know it will be another wonderful book, I have read all of them (and reread )lol

  53. How much longer till Treyvon is released?
    Iv been checking every other week since November 2015 to see when it will be out and its taking forever.
    Please,please,please say it will be out soon like in the nxt few days, i cant wait for it much longer, im dieing to read it.

    Massive U.K. fan

  54. Can’t wait for Treyvon! Just re-read Nikhil . Love all of your books. I am also looking forward to Barak’s story in the Imperial series.

  55. Are you still sure this book will be released this year?? I don’t mind waiting for the book. I know you’re working on it…BUT at the same time…I HATE WAITING πŸ™‚

  56. OMG I am desperate for a treyvon….and Callen and Rebecca… really any little crumb would be appreciated. Love this series

  57. Still waiting on any word as to when Treyvon will be coming out Please! Wouldn’t mind hearing about Callan and Rebecca also.
    Thanks for writing books that I really like to read and can’t wait for the next ones to come out.

  58. Please when is your book of Treyvon going to be done we have been waiting along time and it has been told in June or July for being release fate.

  59. Okaaay I think we have waited long enough for Treyvon to get off of his high horse and give into his feelings. First he needs to apologize to you for making you wait so long, then he needs to give you all the good stuff to pass on to us. He is just stonewalling you to make us salivate and chomp at the bit while waiting, (my bit is chomped through). Have pity on me, how much longer??? Love all your books and especially love you mind it works magnificently.

  60. Haven’t heard anything for a few months. Wondering what’s the status on the release for Treyvon? Can we have an update?

  61. I love your writing style. Love that I always get an HEA. Please release a new book soon. From any of your series they are all wonderful in their own way!! Thank you for transporting me out of my life for a few hours!

  62. Hi its now August and still no word on Trey’s book….
    Please say its coming soon like 2moro!? Lol we your fan’s cant wait much longer as we love the characters and your writing style an get sucked into the books.

    Your UK Fan Xx

  63. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. I hope Kim and Jen don’t wait to long to find each other again. I love this series and hope it continues for a long time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  64. It is now August, will there be any updates on Treyvon? It was expected in January 2016 but changed up when you release Nikhil. Will you be posting or releasing a news update any time soon?

  65. I love your books!! I just reread the Imperial Series and the Tornian Universe books. I am dying for Treyvon and Jen’s book. Please tell me it comes out soon! I love getting lost in your stories and I really want to see Jen and Kim reunite. I know it will be spectacular.

  66. Hi Michelle, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books and have reread all of them over and over. Cassandra’s Challenge, Victoria’s Challenge and Grim being my all-time favorite! πŸ™‚ Any update yet on Treyvon? Can’t wait..

  67. I too have been waiting for the next book, I dont care which series because they are all soooooo good but must admit I really want Rebecca and Callums story so in the meantime I just alternate re-reading them. I do read other authors but something about your books keeps bringing me back. They just have that something extra. Its now September, Are we any closer to a new book.

  68. Sorry to ask but like with everyone pleeeeeease could you give us an update on Treyvon? When will it be released!! Pretty please cherry on the top!?

  69. Hi Michelle
    Any update on when Treyvon (or anything else you might have up your sleeve) will be released? It’s been ages since I had a new book from you to read – and I’ve got withdrawal …

    Clare πŸ™‚

  70. hi, i have to say that your books are ones of my favorites. loved grim and lisa. and waiting for trayvon now to see if jen and kim will see each other again.
    thanks for your amazing stories!!!!

  71. Since multiple people have asked, but I can’t find an answer, I’ll join this bandwagon. Do you have a release date for Treyvon? If so, what is it, and if not do you have a ballpark?

  72. I’m loving your books and the worlds they create. I’m looking forward to more. Still waiting for “Treyvon”. I have so many possible plot lines running through my head that I can’t wait to see where you go with it. I always love when the story is so vivid in my head. I find myself re-reading books that suck me in like yours do.

  73. I wish there was at least 6 of you so I could have one book every other month. No on second thought I will wish for 12 instead so I could have a new book every month. Lol. please keep writing I totally love your books. I am eagerly waiting for Treyvon’s book. Do you know when it will be released.

    1. Hi Lori, to answer your question, YES! My narrator is currently working on Victoria’s Challenge and is then scheduled to do Jacinda’s Challenge. After that he should be ready for Treyvon.
      I do plan on writing more Drogoon books, the next being a continuation of Kirall and Autumn’s story.

  74. Every new book you write I snuggle down and start at the beginning with the Tornians then to the Challenges then the Kaliszians. My poor family, I’m always shushing them until I’m completely finished. Ahhh wonderful reads

      1. Boy your not kidding! I just went through them again. lol Man I love your books. I keep telling my daughter to start writing so I can read where her wonderful imagination goes. But alas she has young ones that need her attention more. There are very few authors that I read over and over again like I read your books. Just saying

  75. I agree with Samantha and what she wrote to you in March. Take all the time you need. I have read all of your books and I am waiting patiently for the next one. Every book you wrote is a work of art. The way you can take me away and make me imagine your world is amazing. Love your work!!!! I will let you get back to it.

  76. So very glad to hear the audio for Victoria & Jacinda are in the works! I keep checking Audible almost daily. I really appreciate the combination of male & female narrators in your other audiobooks. Will Barak find his Life Mate? Go Imperials! I’m also frequently checking for word of Treyvon & if Kim & her sister meet again. Will Treyvon find his True Mate? Sending you happy, creative vibes!

    1. Hi Irene, Victoria’s Challenge will be out in audiobook soon possibly as soon as October. Writing continues on Treyvon but it is coming along well. Sorry for the delay πŸ™

      1. To be honest I dont think Treyvon is even been completed . Really put not only ugly but a lot of other readers off to the point of not interested in your books

      2. Just checking in to let you know I’m still sending those happy, creative vibes to you! Hope those Kaliszians & Tornians & Imperials keep sharing themselves with you, so you can share with us ??? Ignore the juvenile whining ? The more fun you have, the more ❀️ You have to share. All the Best to You, M.K.! (Promise I check ebooks & Audible almost daily & I’ll be one of the first to order. We want you to have the ? & ?to keep daydreaming & writing!)

  77. Hi, all of us fans are a needy lot aren’t we? Lol. Take the time you need because of all the Doctor Who like plot ‘tie ins’ It needs to all fit together perfectly or we’ll all whine (still whinging about the mistakes in the star wars series). I absolutely love your books and reread them over often. Thank you for the vacation that your books bring me.

  78. I wish I’d read the comments before I started buying your books because I would never have bought any of them. Because I wouldn’t got hooked on them and then I would not be in this boat waiting with everybody else wondering when are you going to release more and unfortunately since you’re not being forthcoming when you’re releasing them or keeping to schedule of when you say you are releasing them I don’t like being hooked on writers like you. I find it ruins the series because I just get aggravated just not worth my time . And it’s sad because I like your series I love Grim. But I’m no longer going to be aggravated I’m just going to skip y’all together

        1. I know you said it would be out January 2016 and then you switched books because of the way they followed but please how much longer? I am such a huge fan like so many others and I just want to read the next book.
          When do you think you might release it?

          Massive fan from the UK

  79. I love your books and I just wanted to say that I agree with above comments that you should take all of the time that you need to finish Treyvon. The more time you put into it, the more fun I will have reading it! My only problem is that I search for a release date on your website nearly everyday. Do you think you could estimate about how much longer it will be so I won’t be so obsessive please? Even a wide estimate would be great. Thank you for being so amazing!

  80. Mk. I never write the writers but on this I just wanted to say . I am a avid reader and I love your worlds. I can not tell you the amount of times I have read or listen to all your books,as for your new release take your time ,I would rather have to wait and it be right than rush you and mess up your world thank you Kimberly

    1. Thank you Kimberly.:) I hate to keep readers waiting but sometimes life happens and the characters won’t stop talking – and sometimes both those things happen at the same time. lol

  81. I love all of your books & I’m patently waiting for the next one I don’t care which series because I have them all and reread them often. Love your work.

  82. What does ‘coming soon’ mean? I am looking forward to reading this book, not knowing when the release date is SUCKS. Has anyone heard when it’ll be released?

  83. Hi, love your books. I never read books twice and I have reread yours several times. I am not as patient as your other really nice readers. Please finish Treyvon I am dieing to see what happens. I was hoping you would write more about Grim and what’s going on at Luda as well. Sorry so impatient but your books are such a great escape. Thanks

  84. I love your books. I have read them all multiple times and really enjoy rereading when life is stressful and I need an escape. I’m really looking forward to Treyvon and while I’d love an idea when it will be released I’d rather you take your time and get it right. I was actually shocked by how rude some of the other commenters were. There is a reason your book are great, it’s because you take the time to make them tell the whole story. So, as I said, I’d love an update on the expected release date however, if you don’t know yet, I’d also really be curious how long a lead time you have between “knowing” when it will be released and the actually release. I love to reread the series to remember everything but don’t want to do it so early I forget again! Please keep writing and take enough time to get it right!!

    1. Hi Amy and thank you for your kind words. I used to give a release date and then found it too stressful if I needed to change the release date because the characters were still talking and I needed extra time to finish the book. It seems that long books are my thing! lol I will give everyone a couple of weeks notice once I have a release date.

  85. When is it coming out? Just finished rereading Tornian series really good!!! I’m excited for the next book in that series too.

    1. Thank you Heather for taking the time out to write. Writing is going well on Treyvon and I am listening to the characters and they are still talking. I like what I have written so far. Hopefully it will be a good story when I am done. πŸ™‚

  86. Thank you for your hard work. Writing is such a gift of the heart and soul. Please ignore those negative, snarky, “I’m not going to read your books anymore”comments. Well developed characters, plots lines, connective tires from past books and potential future books, editing and revisions take time.
    My guess would be you put quite a bit of pressure on yourself and the additional “are we there yet comments” being whined or bellowed from the backseat are not making the journey any easier or shorter. Enjoy the journey and thanks for taking us along.

  87. Just stopping by to say “Hey”, waiting patiently for Treyvon, I know it’s going to be good so take your time…luv Cat

    1. Thanks Catherine, the story is going well. If only I wrote shorter stories but the stories are as long as the characters need lol

  88. M.K. I love your worlds, your characters, your stories. You are one of my favorite storytellers/authors. Thank you for sharing your gift. I have read and re-read all your published books so far. (Lol many times!!) I look forward to collecting and reading all your future writings!

  89. I agree with everyone who says that your books are great! As for everyone complaining about a release date, ladies you need to take a chill pill. I have a series that I was reading and had to wait ten years for the next book. Now I didn’t like waiting that long, but it doesn’t ruin the previous books. I love reading Grim and have probably read that book 20 times already. It’s a great book and it’s still going to be great if I read it 20 more time before Treyvon comes out. So MK just write the book so that you are happy with it. Then we can all celebrate when it’s done, no matter when that is. ?

  90. I take it this is gonna be one long ass book. Um… YAIII!!
    That’s awesome. I’m curious as to when you will continue the tornian series but I’m happy to wait as long as it takes.
    I first came across your books when I was in Australia, found you in a library YNYR was my first and than the rest is history. I love your writing style. Your world is so real and so believable. I look forward to reading this πŸ™‚

    1. Treyvon is LONG even for me! I have decided I write L-O-N-G stories LOL. They take longer to write but also take longer to read so hopefully worth the wait. Treyvon will be coming soon.

  91. I’m happy to wait too. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. It’s hard to put yourself out there for people to judge. Thank you for being brave!

  92. I loved the length of Grim and the detailed world you created through your hard work. Hearing that Trevyon is going to be another epic book makes me salivate!! Take all the time you need and if you need a cheering squad, I am here!

    *sending you good vibes and virtual coffee beans*

  93. When I read your books, I feel they are so complete that the characters feel real and I’m completely engaged in the story. I’m cool with waiting and hoping that this book is one in a long line of future books. There is a saying that if you have a naysayers that means you’re doing something right. Ignore the negative and know that your fans await your next book. Thanks

  94. I’ve really enjoyed your books! They’re one of the staples I return to often. Thank you for taking the time to make this one perfect as well. I can and can’t wait to see the shape this world continues to grow into. I’ve so many questions I can’t wait for the answers to come from your stories. Will Kim and Jen be reunited?! What happened that was so catastrophic to tear apart the Tornians, Kaliszians, and humans in the first place? Will life return to Pontus and how will Mac be an influence to the rebirth of the Kaliszians? And more! They’re keeping me hooked!

  95. Just finished reading the tornian stories and Nikhil again for third time! Anxiously waiting for treyvon. Maybe a Christmas present from M.K? Here’s hoping.

  96. I wrote a comment a couple days ago, and of course messed up the posting of it. But to sum it up: I can and can’t wait to find out all the answers to the open ended questions from these two series. I return time and again to your books. Thank you for your hard work! I’ll add virtual chocolate to the coffee from the post before. πŸ˜‰

  97. I wish you can clone yourself so that you can write 10 books at once. I absolutely love your books and have read them numerous times. I cannot wait for your next book. Keep up the good work. God Bless. πŸ™‚

  98. Oh, and for all the clowns out there giving you grief about how long it takes you to write. I have one name…George R.R. Martin!

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