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10 thoughts on “Kaliszian Series”

  1. Since nikhil came out in started to reread the tornian’s series. And I realized just bear lyrics that Kim is 18 yearso old. I was shocked to realize I never noticed. Also did Wray ever changed the law about how a warrior can abuse any female that it’s not tornian? This topic is not brought out again. But in Grim they say that no-tornian females are at risk.

  2. Also now that nikhil is out when will treyvon be out??
    I’m so anxious for the next book you have a created an addiction to this two series the kaliszians and tornian’s ???

    1. I will work on addressing that Karla, and a few other things that were brought up in Grim and Ynyr.
      I’m glad you are liking the series.

  3. Are you going to have the Ganglian’s be forgiven or are the always going to be the antagonist? And when is the next book going to come out?

    1. Hi Mindy,
      I’m not sure when my next Kaliszian book will be out yet, sorry.
      As for the Ganglian’s… one never knows.

      1. Also you will see one of your favorite Kaliszian couples in A Grim Pet out on 10/10 as part of the Embrace the Romance anthology. You can preorder it now if you’d like. 😃

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