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7 thoughts on “Kaliszians”

  1. Since nikhil came out in started to reread the tornian’s series. And I realized just bear lyrics that Kim is 18 yearso old. I was shocked to realize I never noticed. Also did Wray ever changed the law about how a warrior can abuse any female that it’s not tornian? This topic is not brought out again. But in Grim they say that no-tornian females are at risk.

  2. Also now that nikhil is out when will treyvon be out??
    I’m so anxious for the next book you have a created an addiction to this two series the kaliszians and tornian’s ???

    1. I will work on addressing that Karla, and a few other things that were brought up in Grim and Ynyr.
      I’m glad you are liking the series.

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