Jacinda’s Challenge: Imperial Series Book 3

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Jotham was the King of the House of Protection. He was the youngest male ever to assume the position because of the sudden death of his father in his twentieth cycle. In the last forty cycles, he had married his life mate and lost her in a transport accident. He had two sons and lost one due to his own treachery. Now his first son was interested in a woman and Jotham was going to find out everything about her he could.

Jacinda was from the House of Healing. She was the widow of an Assemblyman for the House of Protection. Stephan had been her life mate even though he was twenty cycles older than her. His sudden death had devastated her and if it hadn’t been for her three children, she wasn’t sure she would have survived. In the years that followed, she learned to live with her loss and more importantly learned that life could still be good. She healed.

When Jotham summoned Jacinda to the Palace, his only intent had been for her to help him gather information on Amina, that plan went out the window when Jacinda refused. She challenged not only his right to interfere in Barek’s life but questioned how he lived his own since Lata’s death.

Two strong people come together after having loved and suffered the loss of that love. Can they find enough common ground and courage to chance a new love? Or are they destined to live the rest of their lives alone?

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29 thoughts on “Jacinda’s Challenge: Imperial Series Book 3”

    1. Thank you Crystal. I have started writing my next book and I will be announcing who it is next week. Between you and me, the book is in a new series but familiar characters will show up.

  1. I have truely enjoyed the lastest of the imperial series and can’t wait for the next. While I have never written a book, I am an avid reader with a large variety of I interests. Now, I have to suppress my curiosity with who will be the leads in the next, Peter and Cyndi with more of Lucas and Victoria or Bareck and Amina with the newly engaged royal couples wedding and surprise baby or Brett’s life unfolding. Maybe some of all. It will be a pleasure to find out.

  2. I just finished reading Jacinda’s challenge. What a wonderful love story. I can’t wait to read your next book

  3. I absolutely loved ‘Jacindas story. Was extremely hard to put it down and go to bed. Im busting to know what happens next. What happens to Stephie? Do Stephie and Nick get a story? Does Cyndy and Brett excel and find their neich in the arts?
    Always a pleasure to read your books. Thankyou

  4. I loved Jacinda’s Challenge so much! It was such a beautiful love story and I enjoyed the idea that you can have two great loves in your life. Thank you for sharing Jacinda and Jotham’s story with us, Michelle.

  5. I really enjoyed Jacinda’s Challenge, the storyline was great to read. It was lovelly to catch up on the Chamberlins and Zafar’s as well. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one

  6. I would like to tell you that I love the imperial series can’t wait until the next one to come out I reread them all the time. Thank you.

  7. I am so excited to read this series! I (somehow) did not notice this book was out until I reread the other two and happened to check. I read it in one day! I am SO looking forward to other books in this series – can’t wait for Amina and Barek as well as Stephie and Deffand…anticipation kills me so I guess I’ll have to read other books until these next ones come out and I can devour the whole series again.

  8. I love Jacindas challenge. Actually I love all of your books. I would love to see caption Deffand and Prince Barak both get there own stories

  9. Seriously, I am in love with this series! You can’t write them fast enough. Hopefully we will finally! see Amina and Barek fall in love as well as Stephanie and her captain! 😉

    1. Either one works for me!!!!! I also hope you plan to get Jacinda out in audilbe as quickly as you did Victoria, I have all the audible books you have done and I love listening to them over and over. You are such a wonderful author and can’t read or listen to these stories often enough.

  10. Just finished reading Jacindas Challenge and I loved it !!! When will another book in the series come out? Can’t wait to see what unfolds!

    1. Most likely not until the start of 2018. I’m keen to get back to the Imperial Light series. I want to know what happens next as well lol.

  11. I love this series ( as well as a few of your others.). And I can’t wait to read about how Stephanie and Amina deal with their challenges.

  12. I love all your series, but I would really like to read more about Barek, Amina, Nicolas and Stephanie. I hope I don’t have to wait too long.

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