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  1. I loved all your books. I have just finished the third Imperial book in the series. This going to be one of those series that you can’t wait to get the next one. Do you have a date that it is scheduled to come out?

  2. Hi Michelle, i bought the first Imperial Book loved it and about half way through bought the rest of your book, can i ask when the next Imperial Book is due out?
    keep writing because i love your books

  3. Will there be any more Earth rescues? The military has a lot of underground, self contained bunkers that could support life?

  4. I really loved the series, having read it more than once.
    waiting impatiently for the next one. I’d like to read Barek and Amina story, but I also like the idea of there been more earth rescues.
    please give us the next book soon.

  5. Cassandra’s challenge was such an amazing book, I finished it in two days, I couldn’t put it down. You write phenomenally well, and the story was fantastic, I haven’t started Victoria’s Challenge yet, but if the rest of the Imperial series is as good as the first book, well I’ve already said its amazing. I can’t wait for the continuation of this series, and once I finish with Jacinda’s Challenge I will definitely be looking into your other books. 🙂

  6. I just this whole series again (4th time) and they’re wonderful. Please tell me if Steptoe and Deffand are next? I’m going to start another set of your books so.

  7. I love all your series but I have read all your books so far when will Ull and Barek’s stories be out?

  8. I’ve now read the entire 3 books written and love the Imperial series. I hope you will be doing a 4th book. I’d like to read more and the Chamberlain and Zafar family. I love these characters.

  9. Hello Ms. Eidem, I saw you said you were comming out with another Imperial series book this year. As we are now into September, have you been able to narrow down a more specific release? You write so well and the series is one of my favorites that I have re-read multiple times!

  10. I too am waiting (impatiently) for the next story in the imperial series. Will it be Barek or Stephanie?? Really enjoyed this series, rereading for 4th time.

      1. Thank you for your time.

        I hope you and your family (and all your readers) have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


  11. By any chance… Does the Regulians have any abducted/kidnapped humans on board their ships? I mean they’ve been doing it for a long time.

    Also… The whole radio wave conversation Amina and Victoria had in the High Admiral’s office. That could have come from a captured human. Right?

    We need more humans on Carina.

  12. I got hooked on your books when I first read Grim. Then I had to read the rest of the series. although I hope more come in that series. So while I wait for them to come out I checked to see what other books you have written. I moved to this series. I read all three, one day for each book. You keep your readers attention and don’t let it go…I read about 8 to 10 books a week. Your books are very well written and little to no eras in your books…you are truly a gifted author. I thank you for sharing your gift with those who love to read but can’t write to save our lives…lol..I would love to know when your next books come out for both series…if you ever need a proof reader you don’t even have to ask…again thank you for sharing….

  13. Although it was the Tornian series that I first got to read, it has been the Imperial series that has totally captured my attention. I’ve loved both of these series, my number 1 fav’s from both have been Grimm & Jacinda… I have no idea whose story is next in these two series, but I’m of firm belief that they are going to continue to be as great as they have been so far. Thanks for creating wonderful worlds to get lost in for a few hours or more 🙂 ,


  14. I started with the Imperial Series and I love it so much! I keep re-reading it and wait for the next come out. I don’t even care which set of characters – I just hope another comes out soon.

    I have started reading the other series, but the Imperial is still my favorite. Can’t wait for the next one!

  15. Just finished reading all 3 of Imperial series again; absolutely love all your books! When is the next one released? Will it be about Barek or Stephanie?!?!

    1. There will be more stories in the Imperial series but I am still talking with my muse, Kailey. I’ll have to get back to you in that one.

  16. I love this series, I have started the others, but this one is my favorite. I hope there will be something new in this series soon! I am a teacher, it might make my year to know something new was coming out for me to re-read the series again. I don’t even care which couple – just a new one in this series!


      1. I am impatient for more Imperial stories! And of course the Tornians/Kaliszians, too… but it has been 2015 since Imperial. And you just left us hanging… why the wait? I am still so curious about the birthmark!!!

  17. will the next book in this series come out in 2017? I have money saved for when it comes out but it’s been so long since the last one. is there any hope for a release soon? or at least an update more specific than “it’s coming”? Thank you and keep writing fantastic stories!

  18. Just discovered the Imperial series and am totally hooked. Can’t wait for the next one ( read all 3 in about 2 days). Hope the next one comes out soon.

  19. Is there any chance you will have a more specific idea of when the 4th Imperial Series book will be out? This series is definely in my top 5 series. I can’t tell you how many times I have reread them!!

  20. I just finished the 3rd book in the challenge series. I love these books and can not wait to listen to book 4 Barek & Amina? Or will it be the Capt. of the guards & Stephanie? I look forward to finding out

  21. I just read the first two in the series for the 4th time!!! I love their stories and can’t wait for the next in the series!! I read in the above comments that it will be Stephanies first then Barak and Amina!!! I am so EXCITED!!! Looking forward to a release date!! You don’t happen to have one? 😉 Thanks for all your hard work!! I love your other series as well and will be re-reading them too!!!

  22. Imagine a 1980s Valley Girl’s scream, “I cannot wait for the 4th book!”
    Seriously, I can’t wait. I even made my hubby read it (I haven’t found a book club yet)! I love the series and no matter how many times I read it’s still good.

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