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    1. Deborah, you can’t. It’s not finished yet.? It’s on my coming soon page. I’m looking at January 2016.
      I did just release a new short story, Kirall’s Kiss. Its currently part of an anthology called Bound by Heat.
      Hope that helps until January.

      1. Will bound by heat be available on audiable any time soon especiacly the Kaliszians, and imperial series. I am so excited and a bit inpatient for this fantastic books to become available on audiable. I have devour all the Tornians series available on audiable. Your are very talented, keep up the good work.

        New Fan

        1. Thank you Daisy. Bound by Heat will not be coming out on audiobook. The anthology will be splitting up soon and our stories available separately.

  1. Dear, M.K., Yes, it does and I found Treyvon on your coming soon page but no date as to release date. Thanks so much for the info I’ll be waiting anxiously for it’s debut. Sincerely, Deborah Hogue.

  2. I just finished reading kiralls kiss. Loved it!! But it stopped to soon. The story like all your books grab you from the start and you just get caught up in the story turning pages, then bam done no more. Please will you contine this story she must have some adujust to suddenly being a dragoon and going to anew planet.
    Please could it be a full length . I love all your books. They grab you from the first page and leave you NEEDing more…
    Thank you for sharing your world with us.

    1. Glad you liked it Cindy!
      I won’t be extending the story, not within the same book, but I do plan to extend it in another one, that way no one has to rebuy something just to read the extended version.

  3. I have been rereading grim and Wray and the others. Was wondering when more would be out for them and who is next. Love all your books but I keep coming back to Grim. I just love that book.

    1. Note to Sherry. I share you exact sediments regarding Grim. I have it both in audio and in print and I keep re-listening and re-reading it over and over for the last year. I absolutely love the Grim story and am anxious for the next book in the Tornians series.

  4. I simply love your books, though Grim is my favorite by far. You mentioned Treyvon would be available January 2016, and it is now February 2016. I know things happen, so if you could give a more definite date pleasee!!!! I think i’m going through withdrawal ; )

  5. I just got through reading Nikhil and fell in love with the story… I saw that you had Treyvon’s story already out and was just wondering when I might get it at? This is the first book of yours that I have read and love it!!

    1. Hi Shelia,
      Treyvon is not out yet. Nikhil demanded to be written first. I am working on it though.
      Oh, and welcome to my world!!!

      1. Well…. You got me hooked, I went and bought the Tornian series also and am eagerly waiting for the rest to speak to you and their stories to be told. I’m wearing out my kindle rereading them all…. ?

  6. Hi, I love all your books. I just finished reading nikhil…..loved it, worth the wait. Thank you.? some what new fan. I’ve read eveything.

  7. Hi just wanted you to know how much I love your universe!! I started reading Nikhil and couldn’t stop, except for a short shopping trip that I took (forgetting something I so wanted to get back to the story). Waiting on tender hooks for the next installment.

    1. Have read all your books. What a beautiful story teller you are. I get so lost in the world you create. I think Grimm is my favorite.
      “Nikhil” oh can’t wait for the story to continue.

  8. I have just read all the posts above and I’m in agreement….. hooked is not the word, I have ‘re-read the books that if they were paperback the print would be faded and the pages dog eared ? thank you for writing great stories and I’m in withdrawal for the next Kaliszians series ?

  9. Hi S.E I have read all your books and I am hooked. Lol please tell me Tryvon is coming like today LMFO. Ok maybe not today but any new release date info I am suffering from withdrawal here. Thanks for the reads you are the best EP

  10. I enjoyed reading all your books, especially Grim. I am wondering if there will be a book about Rebecca and Callan. I would love to read their story.

  11. I love all your books but especially the Imperial series. Can you tell me when the next one will be out. I am really looking forward to Barak’s story. Thank you for some great reads!

  12. Any idea when Treyvon will be released? I swear, it’s seems like forever ago he was supposed to be beautifully displayed on my Kindle!!!! I haunt Amazon every day looking for him. Please, at least an estimate?

  13. I have read all of your books and have to give you a big thanks for them all! My favorite is the imperial series and Grim. I would like to see an Amina’s Challenge or Stephanie have a story. I have enjoyed reading all your books numerous times.

  14. I was wondering if you had anyone go over Grim before it was put into print? I need to tell you some of it wasn’t edited. I like the story allot but you really need to read it yourself and see what l mean. I also wonder why it’s written like a stage play.

      1. My apologizes. I have read every book l can find in the series is there anytime line for Treyvon or Amina’s challenge?

        1. No release dates for Treyvon or Amina and Barek’s story yet, Judy. I am still writing on Treyvon – the characters decided they had a lot more to say – which is good and bad lol.

  15. Okay, I love the Grim series and thoroughly enjoyed Nikhil. I have been waiting for news of Treyvon release. After reading and rereading all the comments, I have realized the issue. Many of us read the note about Treyvon being written and then put to the side with realization that you were starting out of order. Our assumption is that you had already finished Treyvon and were just doing some fine editing and then wah la it would be up and out there.LOL After considerable pouting and rereading and some extensive use of my brain AHHHH!!!!! realized that you had set aside an unfinished work and are in the process of writing the remainder of the story. So my question is will you be writing a story about Ull?

    1. Sorry for the confusion Suzie. Yes I did start writing Treyvon and yes I did put it aside because I had to write Nikhil first. It was just the way the characters were telling me I needed to tell the stories. As for Ull, yes I will be writing his story but I don’t have a timeframe.

  16. I know that your series sort of cross over and I’m wondering at the correct order to read them to get the full story in order.

    1. Cheryl, you can read the stories in series order starting with the Tornians and then Nikhil followed by Treyvon (my next book coming out) in the Kaliszians series.

  17. I’ve read all of the Tornians and Nikhil and like the rest can’t wait for Treyvon but I refuse to be the 101st person to ask for a release date… A good book is always worth waiting for as compared to a hastily dashed out sequel to fill the void. I agree with most of y’alls other comments I do favor Grim and Nikhil but maybe I prefer my hero’s slightly damaged around the edges, but come to think of it I do prefer the heroines in those books the most too. Anyway keep up the good work.

  18. Hi,
    Just finished reading all the Imperial books, again! When is the next Book in this series coming out? I want to find out about Stephanie, Nicholas, Amina and Barek.

    1. I have started writing a story in this series and expect it to be released towards the later part of this year. More details to come once I am further along in the story and I can confirm a release date.

  19. Just finished Treyvons story and I loved it. Thank you for a beautiful story and series. So glad Jen and Mac have found their happy endings. Can’t wait for the next story.

  20. I have read/listen to the Imperial, Tornians and Kaliszians series several times.including the latest, Treyvons. Love them all. Looking forward to read more in each series. Grim is my favorite followed by Cassandra’s Challenge.

  21. Hi. I’m a new fan. I’ve fallen in love with the Imperial series. Will you be coming out with more? Please!

  22. I am a new fan. I love all the series and especially the way the audiobooks are recorded … its genius! My problem is in the imperial series earth has been reduced to a wasteland with very low possibility of life however in tornians series Ull is being sent to earth. So are these series going to be on different timelines to continue bringing women to Tornian or are they going to see the devastation and rescue people? It’s been driving me crazy since I finished Victoria’s challenge and found how bad it was on earth.

  23. Good morning!
    I am a new fan of your Tornian and Kaliszian Series; first I would like to thank you for such amazing stories, second I wanted to ask you if there are date releases for Pets 2 and Grim’s Holiday. Also I am curious if you were part of the first Pets stories or series. Again I am new and would like to have all information about these two series.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Angie!
      So glad you like my stories. Now for your questions.
      The release date for Pets 2 is October 10th. I was not involved int Pets 1.
      If you are looking for A Grim Holiday it is out.
      Hope this helps.
      Have a great day!

  24. Hi! Read Pets 2; thank you so much again for all your great stories! Any ideas as to when Ull’s book will be out now that “A Grim Pet” has been released? As ever, anxiously awaiting the next book release.

  25. Hi! M.K.
    I absolutely love all your books and truly enjoy your writing style. So much that I have read them at least twice. I must say tho that Grim is by far m fav. Please tell me you are planning to write more about him and or his children. Pretty please.
    I just can’t get enough.

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