Autumn’s Kiss: Kiss Series Book 2

Autumn thought she knew who she was then she discovered she was a rare type of dragon shifter called a Supreme Dragoon. Now she is heading to her new mate’s home world to meet more of their kind. Nerves were to be expected, but Autumn is about to get more than she bargained for.

Kirall always knew who he was, a Prime Dragoon, one of the strongest of his kind. He’d never doubted who he was or his place until he traveled to Earth and met her. Autumn descended from a line of Dragoon thought to have died out many millennia ago. Their mating changed all he’d been taught to believe.

Together they will face challenges neither of them expected. With their mating threatened and everything Kirall holds dear in jeopardy, it’s up to Autumn to show who really is the baddest Dragoon of them all.

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8 thoughts on “Autumn’s Kiss: Kiss Series Book 2”

  1. Do you know if you put Autumn’s Kiss and A Grim Pet on audio book? i love all your stories and my husband is really addicted to them too. He has trouble seeing and that is where the audio books come in handy. As long as you keep on writing we eagerly wait the next book.
    Thank you for your time,
    Lori Mendoza

    1. Hi Lori,
      Audio for Autumn’s Kiss will be out in March. As for A Grim Pet because of its length I plan on combining it with A Grim Holiday and A Grim Baby(when it is written). So it will be a little while.

  2. Wasn’t this book Autumn’s Kiss released in Trial by Flame?
    I have read all your books in every series but find I have enjoyed the Imperial & Tornian Series the most. The last full length book written in either series was in 2015. It is now 2018 and I find it quite frustrating to stay hopeful that one on my favourite authors will provide us with a new book in either series, it makes me want to give up on checking for new books every month when it takes years to get one then it is only 68 pages (Grim Pet). Which I already purchased in Pets in Space 2.
    When will we see new books in the Imperial & Tornian Series that a full length?

    1. Good catch Sharon.
      Yes Autumn’s Kiss was released in Trial by Flame. It seems not all my sites got that notation including my website.
      I will get that corrected.
      Also regarding the Imperial Series, which I have change to the Challenge Series, I am currently working on Stephanie’s story which I’m planning on being shorter than the other three and will then it will be Amina’s story with maybe a surprise story sneaking in there too.

      1. how exciting!! love, love, love your books; just finished re-reading the Kaliszian Books. Going back to start the Imperial/challenge series now!

  3. Love all your books and have all the books on audio. I also agree with Sharon, just wish they came out a bit faster, but totally get that life take presedence and we cant force ones muse. However, speaking as an avid reader of your books please please more more more!!!


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