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  1. When will Grimm holiday be released on audiable? Also will there be a story on callan? I love the tornians series they are fantastic story’s.

    1. Daisy I hate to say Holiday probably won’t be released in audible, its just to short. Sorry.
      Rebecca’s story will be told.

      1. There will be two short stories about Grim once the second Pets in Space is released. How about an audio book with both stories? Grim Holiday, Grim Pet . Would that be long enough? I love these stories, writen and audio.

  2. I love The Tornians series and enjoy the audio books I hope you other series will be on audio skins as I have enjoyed reading them all.

  3. If A Grim Holiday is too short, can you do other short holidays or stories to make it longer so it can go on audible? *hopeful eyes*

  4. Just wondering, when your latest book will be released in audio? I own all your other books and I’m eager to get my hands on Nikhl.

  5. I love all your books. I will read and listen to all!! The audio books are just wonderful. They are so unique. Thanks for your hard work!?

  6. You are truly a master storyteller. I love every book I have read, I hope we get to attend the birth of Grim’s little one. Please tell me there is more to come. Thank you for all the amazing reads (and listen’s).

  7. Just finished reading the Imperial Series! Now I have read all of your books and absolutely love them. Will there be a 4th in this series? Keep up the fantastic work?!

  8. Will they be bringing Jacinda’s Challenge to audio, too?
    Have you considered continuing the series, these novels are excellent and I can imagine more stories from this series.

    1. Jacinda’s Challenge has been finalized and it will be available in the next couple of weeks. I am just waiting on Audible to make it available. The timing is up to them when the release it.

  9. I know this is off topic but does Tornian Series and Imperial series intertwine. In the book Ynyr, I could have sworn they mentioned something about King Barek. Did they refer to him as an ancient ruler before the great infection?

    1. Hi Angel,
      I think you are refering to King Varick, who saved the Goddess. In Ynyr.
      Doctor Bliant checked Cassandra for infection, in the Imperial series.
      The two series do not intertwine.
      Hope that helps.

    1. I’m hoping in May Marguerite. My narrator is currently working on it but with its length it is going to take a little longer.

  10. So glad to hear that Treyvon will be in audio book format. Your audio books are unique because the sfx are carefully woven in with the narrators telling of the story. It adds so much to the storytelling, like music adds to a movie score. 😀

    1. Please have TREYVON come out in audio soon. Love your books. All the series are intriguing to read.Thank you.

    1. Treyvon is being processed by Audible as we speak so expect it to be released in the next couple of weeks. Audible don’t tell us when they release audiobooks so if you see it, please let me know.

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