Another blurb from Love without Boundaries

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Here is an snippet from J.A. Hornbuckle’s story Mate Search

Leah’s head spun and she tried to pull out one thought in which to argue such a ridiculous statement but there were so many swirling that she floundered. That was until she latched onto two words that Bronsyn had said. Words that the other warriors also used frequently.
Two measly words that brought ice to her veins and wide, shocked eyes back to the older man.
And human.
“Holy shit,” she whispered, unable to even blink as she stared at him. Her mind was providing other items to the list, preparing an argument so wild that she caught her breath. The way all the guys in the house called women ‘females’ was one. But she couldn’t believe it, couldn’t wrap her head around the crazy idea that they were…that the warriors she’d been interacting and laughing with were…
“Aliens,” she murmured on a stricken whisper. Neither man moved a muscle or spoke a word to correct her. So she tried more in the hopes they would jump in and immediately correct her errant thoughts. “Extraterrestrials. Spacemen. Creatures from another planet.”

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